i usually take tam between 7 and 10pm at night
well i forgot last night
so i took it at 12 today
now, do i take the other tonight at normal time or set my alarm so its much later

Hi I have had similar problems in the past. Take it again TOMORROW night at your usual time. It will not harm you missing a day and I think it mentions this in the patient info leaflet. I know you shouldn’t take two in a 24 hr period (I did by mistake once as I have another medication which looks similar!)it did make me feel slightly unwell as well.

So take your next one tomorrow not tonight if you have any doubts ring NHS Direct they were very helpful to me.

Chris (laurasue)

the leaflet in the packet says if you forget one,then take it as soon as you remember , then take the next at the normal time unless it is nearly time for the 2nd one
i dont want to feel ill though!

Yes it will do no harm to miss a day, but 2 in a day you should not have.

I had a week without it because of SE’s. GP said it won’t do any harm.

Dotty2 x

thanks all
will take tonights as normal
wish my brain hadnt been fried quite so much lol