Forgotten to bring Tamoxifan away!

Quick question. A family member has gone on holiday abroad and in the midst of packing forgotten to take her medication bag which includes Tamoxifan. 

I had a call today from them to tell me they were trying to call the doctor but given Covid here she just can’t get through plus time difference. She asked if do you think I could post them and I said probably not only with permission of a medical professional. 

She found two in her handbag so think including today will go 10 days without taking it. Is this go ing have any major effect on the overall treatment that the pill provides with this short break. I think she’s just worried and clearly now probably won’t enjoy her holiday because of it . 

Im not a medic but I know people have been advised to take a break from Tamoxifen for a couple of weeks when they have had surgery or had possible side effects that needed to be looked at and that their Oncologists didn’t feel this to be a big issue to miss a few weeks of treatment .You could ask this question in the Ask the Nurses section to get a professional view but I don’t think she should spoil her holiday because of it .x