found a few dimples

I have a breast that has a swelling makeing it a different shape n my nipple is also smaller I’m having a bit of a meltdown going docs in morning .

Hi Lisa, I know it sends you in to a tail spin to notice anything different but it could be anything and Cancer is the least likely thing it will be , you are doing the best thing and getting yourself checked out , let us know how you get on Xx Jo 

Thanks for your reply I’m tryin be positive and think the the best but I suffer from anxiety so it’s hard not to be negative but I had a lump few yrs ago and it was nothing so I’m hanging on to that x

Hi been to the doctors there is a lump and I’m waiting for tests I’m very anxious but ok trying not worry good time to paint my hall I think lol x

The waiting is horrible, really torturous! Good plan to do some decorating to keep your mind off it!


Let us know how it goes!


Amanda x

Hi well I’ve been to the breast clinic wen the consultant saw my mis shaped swollen breasts he looked very concerned then he examined them wen I was dressed he told me he wasn’t goin to lie to me he was very very concerned the mamagram lady told me she wouldn’t sugarcoat it the consultants very concerned my head was swirling then the ultra sound doc told me what she cud see was very nasty she was sorry but that was the reality I jus went numb then they took lots of biopsies and put titanium markers in at this point I’m desperately trying to blot out the horror then I saw breast care nurse and she had spoken to consultant and said it’s very suspisious and booked me an appointment and I burst out cry in there was no reassurance because they already know I’m really struggling with this xx

Oh dear Lisa, they certainly didn’t sugarcoat it at all, did they?! Well, I guess they were trying to be straight with you but it must have been an awful shock to deal with it like that. 


When is your next appointment? It’s usually about a week after the visit to the breast clinic and they should have the results of biopsy then. The results from the biopsy should tell them a lot more about what is going on. If it is cancer, they should be able to tell you what type and grade it is. Some results may take a little longer, such as the hormone status and also the ‘staging’ is sometimes left until they have carried out surgery or additional scans (such as an MRI or CT scans)


Of course it may not be cancer at all but I think you must be having a very tough time of it right now and my heart goes out to you… waiting for results is extremely difficult and stressful. Please keep talking to us here on the forum, we all know what this stage feels like, they must have completely ruined the Bank Holiday weekend for you and however hard you try; it is almost impossible to think about anything else!


Love and hugs to you,


Amanda x 

They know it’s cancer n I’m tryin face Wots coming never been so scared I’ve had really tough times I lost my baby to cot death some years ago so getting through that made me a strong person so I’ll get there xx

Oh Lisa im so sorry for the loss of your baby, You really do not deserve this to be happening to you now,I know things sound bad but they know nothing for certain until your results are back, what ever the outcome you will be well looked after,yes a diagnosis is terrifying and its natural to fear the worst but thats rarely the case i promise you, Im a year on now and life is wonderful! Please let us know what happens next and we will offer you all the help and support we can if you need it Xx Jo

Had my diagnosis invasive breast cancer surgery chemo radkiation n I’m terrified xx

HI Lisa. I’m so sorry you’ve had to join us but you’ll get through this. The treatment and care you receive for BC is second to none and we are all here to offer you support. I was diagnosed a year ago and thought it was the end but after surgery and treatment, I’m okay and living my life. You may want to post on the Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Board…the ladies on there are brilliant. xx

I know how you feel right now, Lisa; that was me last August. As the others have said, you feel quite a bit better once you know exactly what and when the treatment is. Each time you have something done, surgery to staring chemo, you feel you are doing things to get rid of it!


At this stage, it is very easy to think the worst, but one good thing about breast cancer being so common is the medical profession have worked out some very effective ways of treating it. Did they know yet if it was hormone positive? (ER+, PR+ or HER)


Soon enough you go from scared as hell to tackling the treatment and living life as normally as you can, you can expect to be an emotional wreck for a while, but not as long as you might think!


Amanda x

Yes it’s a hormonal one she said that’s good xx

It is good as they have extra ammo to fire at it, as certain cancers feed off certain hormones and they have drugs to use for that. Mine is ER + so I am starting tamoxifen today. These drugs work by locking onto the cancer cells and blocking the hormone receptors on them so the ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ that your hormones are to the cancer cells then can’t get their favourite food, so to speak! That’s a basic way of explaining it, anyway!


Amanda x

I need a basic explanation lol so thanks for that I’m ready for what needs to be done but terrified it’s spreading while I wait xx

I think once you have a diagnosis, you really want treatment to begin the next day! Try not to worry about it spreading while you wait, I was told and I think other ladies on this forum have been to, is that a few weeks here and there don’t make that much difference. Cancers do grow at different rates but not as fast as we tend to imagine!


I think the NHS targets require treatment to start by 30 days from diagnosis, or thereabouts. Have you got a date to see your surgeon yet? Once you meet them, you should get a date for the surgery, have they said whether they are planning a WLE (wide local excision also known as a lumpectomy) or a MX (mastectomy)?


Amanda x