Found a large lump suddenly

Hi- I found a large lump that suddenly appeared as if over night. It feel pretty firm but it’s a definite lump. I’m tearing myself up inside waiting for an appointment. I’m 30 years old and regularly check my Breasts - how could something appear so suddenly?? I feel upset every time I think about what it could be.

Hi Sam, 

Im sorry you are going though this stress and I truly know how awful you are feeling , many lumps do seem to appear out of nowhere but very few actually turn out to be cancerous.

I had a very definite round lump appear over night which led me to my doctor but it turned out to be just fat, I was subsequently diagnosed with Breast cancer but it was in another area and not palpable at all. 


Have you been referred for further tests or are you waiting on an initial appointment with your GP?

please try not to let your mind go in to overdrive , 80% of ladies who come though the forum in your situation will come back with a benign result , hang in there! Xx Jo 



Hello and welcome.


Right take a step back and breath my dear.


Have you made an appointment to see your GP yet to get it checked out. 


There are other benign breast conditions it could be but for peace of mind you need to get it checked out.


Please do not google generally on the internet as that will only make you more anxious because there is a lot of outdated and misinformation out there.


Let us know how you get on if you can.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxxx



Thank you for your quick messages already! I have a GP appointment today and I will let you know. I’m hoping that it will be ok but google is the worlds worst and terrifies me - even though I know I shouldn’t self diagnose :frowning:

Hey all - I have an apt for a scan/biopsy later with a consultant. Needless to say the fear of what I may hear is tearing me up inside. I can’t concentrate on anything and just feel like crying as I am so scared. X

Thank you for the support. Iv been bowled over with how much kindness there is in this forum.
My husband is coming with me so I have someone to help ease the nerves. I will keep you posted on how things go. Just got to try to keep thinking positively x

So it looks as though it’s the dreaded BC. Ultrasound/mammogram seemed to suggest it was. Just waiting on biopsy results to confirm. Whilst lymph nodes are not enlarged I still need a CT and MRI on Monday. My world has come crashing down and now I’m faced with the possibility that things could be worse. I can’t eat or sleep and just feel so helpless x

Hi Sam ,just sending you a big hug !!! It is very very hard in the beginning to get your head around this and very hard to do " normal " in any way shape or form .Good news that it doesn’t appear to be in your lymphnodes but having the scans is very scary and bound to cause even more anxiety .If you come and post in the "Just Diagnosed " section if you do get the diagnosis confirmed you will get a lot of support and advice .Jill.

Thank you so much everyone. I had my CT and MRI today so it’s just a waiting game until my results on Thursday. I keep hoping that although the radiographer looked concerned and said it was probably BC … that the biopsy comes back benign. Wishful thinking I’m sure… but I’m just hoping and praying. I will let you know how things go though. Your support means so much!

Fingers crossed Sam.

Hi all… I have been diagnosed with the dreaded BC. I will move across to another forum now— any threads that you recommend?
Thank you so much for your support though… ladies you are fab xxx

Sorry to hear that Sam.You are not alone lots of support in the Just diagnosed section.Do you know what treatment you will be having ?

Hi Jill… it looks like my age means chemo will be given for 6 months and then surgery/ radiation. Whilst there doesn’t appear to be spread, they want to reduce the size so they can do a lumpectomy … although if I had my way I’m happy to take it off completely!! Not sure I’m thinking completely rationally… but get it off!!
Will see the oncologist for more info this week though x

Hi everyone am new on this group I need some support really have had a lump for two months really scared and the same time thinking it’s going to disappear but it never did feeling so guilty and silly right now. Have gone to see my doctor who has reffered me to the breast clinic so am waiting for the appointment but my mind is totally destroyed I live in fear what happening with me being a mum of three young ones am shattered at this moment any support in can get really means a lot to me thank you .

Hi Makula,
I replied on the other thread.
Do let is know how you get on
ann x

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Sam , you could discuss your feelings with the oncologist - if you feel strongly about it you could push for surgery first /mastectomy - you are not being unreasonable asking for this to be considered at all .You could also maybe ring the helpline here and talk through the options with one of the nurses so you have more information before your appointment.They are not open today though .

Makula ,welcome to the forum .I hope you get an appointment soon and that it will put your mind at rest .