Found a lump after radiotherpay

I’m in a state all weekend can’t wait until 9am when I can call the doc.


have any of you lovelys found a lump after radiotherpay ?


i finished 15 sessions plus 5 boost on 1/11/16 the original lump was in the fold of my boob on the right this lump is the upper part of the part of the boob near to the arm pit and is about 2cm I’ve had 6 sessions of FEC-T which went well my original DX was 08/3/16 clear margins 3 nodes removed but clear and I’m HER2 Negative surly it cant of come back I’m paranoid I haven’t slept all weekend I daren’t google it my skin is all find and coped well .? 



Hi Dotty, not sure if this will help but I developed a seroma after surgery which came up again at the end of my radiotherapy. I had it drained and tested and was advised this happens quite often as a result of the zapping when the breast tissue trys to heal itself after treatment. You may also find that your boob feels hard and lumpy in places which again is normal. Do try not to worry and I hope your Breast care nurse can reassure more in the morning. Take care  Sue x

Hi Dotty, why oh why do these things have to rear their ugly heads at the weekend! I know how you will be feeling Hun, I had the same just before I started rads and was traumatised but all was well ? My boob even now 18 months on is lumpy and bumpy, It’s still going to be cooking as you’ve only recently finished ,  I was told to expect it to harden and change for a while after, i know you will be in for another sleepless night but  take a deep breath and try and put the panic on hold to give yourself a break even if for just half an hour Xx jo