Found a lump and painful breast terrified

Hi, I’m 53 and I found a lump near to my nipple which is pea sized and firm.  I am pretty healthy and young for my age (I exercise frequently and eat healthily and don’t consume much alcohol and I don’t smoke).  I was examined by the GP today who has referred me on the two week system with my local breast clinic.  My mother had the BRCA damaged gene and I was tested but didn’t.  My mother died of ovarian cancer 6 years ago, my grandmother, two great aunts and my great grandmother of breast cancer.  I am terrified.  The examination was quite painful in the breast with the lump.  My GP said it could be normal changes in breast tissue but would that cause pain?  Also I’ve made the mistake of going onto google and it looks like harmless lumps are more common in younger women and I am in the high risk group.   Each day until I get a result is going to be agonizing. 

So glad you have reached out on here, please also ring the nurses at the top and speak to them, you will be in orbit right about now and googling just sends you :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: please do remember till a professional tells you, you have breast cancer, you do not have breast cancer, come on here as you have done everyone understands and has been where you are now and you are never alone with bcn, there is lots of support while you wait for referral, so ask away and again use the nurses. Please keep off dr google, we’ve all done it and had our own little :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: trips but do try and stay off it others will be along to :two_women_holding_hands: give you words of wisdom and support soon :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi LadyOver50 - I’d also like to welcome you to this lovely forum, and give you a big hug. I am so sorry to read about your Mother and other relatives, and also your own fears. Of course you will be extra anxious. Please feel free to chat on here any time, I hope we can help you through this waiting time.

Shi has very wise words, that you don’t have BC until someone diagnoses you and I also agree with her that you should stay away from Google if you can - though I know how hard that can be.

I hope your appointment comes through quickly as the waiting really is tough. In the meantime you need to try to remember that there are lots of innocent reasons for lumps and changes. Now is the time for lots of kindness to yourself, treats, mindfulness, chats with family and friends - whatever it takes to keep your mind occupied. Maybe try having a “worry time” say 3pm, so that if you start worrying at 11am you tell yourself that you won’t think about it now but will wait until 3pm. The idea is that you don’t spend all day thinking about it, but also sometimes you will get busy and miss worry time. Of course that’s easier to suggest than do, but might be worth a try.

Sending you hugs and strength, Evie xx

Hello glad you found this website the ladies on here are so understanding and kind.  They really helped me a few weeks ago when I found a lump which turned out to be a benign cyst.  Age isn’t always relevant I’m 66 and was convinced it was cancer. I also went on google and scared myself. It’s best to keep away from that and be guided by the lovely helpful ladies on here. Take care xx