Found a lump and Puckering of skin ?

Evening ladies,

Newbie to group… 

So Monday night I felt a lump in my right breast and when I lift my arm up there’s puckering of the skin on underside of the boob…

I went to the Drs Tuesday afternoon at 2pm Dr confirmed lump and puckering so said she would refere me to the breast clinic and also book me in for genetic testing has my gran died from bc aged just 36.(I’m 38)

Well yesterday I got my appointment through which shocked me even more has it had been less than 24hrs… and the hospital is in a different district so was shocked it came so quickly. This has made me panic even more now thinking it must be bad to have come so quick… 

What’s your thoughts? And can i ask if anyone’s had any symptoms that are not really mentioned like tiredness sharp occasional pain in nipple? 


Lisa xx


Hi Lisa,

First of all, the speed of referral is quite usual as under NHS guidelines, any breast change is normally referred under the 2 week rule so that IF bc is diagnosed, treatment can start as early as possible, so don’t read anything into it. The important thing is, your GP has done what’s necessary to get it sorted out.

It’s not really possible to conjecture about  symptoms, as it’s not conclusive either way & only the breast clinic can get to the bottom of it. 

There’s nothing more you can do now, so it can help to keep busy & avoid googling as it really does not belp the anxiety when waiting. 

Do let us know how you get on. 

ann x