Found a lump, appointment next week, anyone else in same situation want to be a waiting buddy?

I found a lump a few weeks ago and went to the gp last Monday (wanted to be sure it wasn’t hormonal). Got an appointment at the one stop place on Tuesday and am freaking out a bit and not got anyone to talk to really. I’ve had a persistent cough and back pain for several months so now I’m terrified they’re connected although I had a chest x ray a couple of weeks ago and it was clear. My lump is visible at the top of my breast, it’s long and thin, then I’ve got kind of lumpy bits going up and across my chest to my armpit. I’ve got lumpy breasts anyway and have lost weight and breastfed for a year until August so I don’t know if it’s just the change in shape or something else… Anyone in the same or similar boat? Or not, am just feeling a bit alone with it all and can’t get it out of my head…


You are never alone here… the prompt referral is good it does not mean you have BC. The clinic - if you are in the UK - is in the main a one stop shop. You may get a physical exam, Mammo, ultrasound or some small biopsies - any combination of those tests. What you will definitely get is first class and professions and compassionate staff - I couldn’t fault them. The majority of us referred there don’t get a BC diagnosis - as there are lots of other things besides. You can’t stop the worry - believe me anyone in this forum has been there. What you can try to do is some distractions - small little jobs, hobby, fitness - anything that takes you out of that horrid zone for a few minutes. Try and take someone with you to the appt - not because of bad news but an extra pair of ears because you will not hear everything that is being said. Finally if you have some biopsies it will likely mean another week of waiting unfortunately. They are so thorough. I can assure you - you will get loads of replies on this string – we are here to support and be a virtual war to your concerns.


Typing in the gym is not my forte!!! My last line should say virtual ear… not war!!

Thank you both for your replies. I’ve got a 17 month old so am able to stay pretty busy during the day but night time is a different story. I just want to know where I stand either way now, and I can’t stop poking and prodding! And I’m worried I won’t say what I need to when I’m there because I’m rubbish with Dr’s and my mind goes blank. And I’m veering between worrying I’m wasting their time and but then worrying I’m not, too, if you see what I mean

Hi Louise,
Mostly all turns out to be well. Dont worry about not saying the right thing, the drs & staff at the clinic do this day in & day out & will sort this out for you. You are not wasting their time, its what they’re for!
As LadyB says, dont feel tempted to google your symptoms as it is irrelevant & increases anxiety, use this site if you need info.
let us know what happens.
ann x

Hi Louise.

Nights are awful - plus you are prob exhausted from your baby. If I couldn’t sleep within 30 mins of going to bed - I got up and done some reading / watched awful night tv for an hour - to try and switch my brain off - it worked in the main. I work with clients who are in emotional trauma situations, resting the brain is so important - and that includes making an environment that helps you relax - no matter how short that time is for - you are recharging your emotional batteries. Your emotional brain affects your physical brain - and that’s what makes you feel so rotten and also start to feel aches and pains from mainly unrelated issues. - I agree re writing down questions. You will also be given loads of literature at the Clinic. Most of us are on be forum at various times if the day - feel free to get back.


Thank you. Last night was awful but as a result I’m so tired tonight I’m hoping I’ll sleep better. Trying not to think about it, just want tomorrow to be over. Thank you for the support I’ll let you know how it turns out x

hi Yealand,
If you need a biopsy, its done with local anaesthetic & it might bruise afterwards, its not too bad, mine was fine.
You are right to carry on as normal & to distract yourself, its the best way to cope with the wait.
Also, if on the off chance it is bc, then its very treatable these days, with some of the best outcomes out there.
let us know what happens.
ann x

Hi me too, I have had a pain down my side and ignored it to be honest, then last Wednesday found a lump/thickening went to see the GP who also felt it and has referrred me to the Breast clinic got an appointment for 31st January. I have just supported my friend through the diagnosis in August last year, who is well on the mend thank god, so know what to expect at the appointment. But i am so scared I seemed to be getting more and more symptoms ( in my head anyway)!! I am also prodding it hoping it goes away hasn’t so far !! Not sure when your appointment is but please let me know how you get on as I feel exactly the same as you.


hi annie,
It’s the anxiety monster talking.
As long as you’ve got the necessary appointments/referrals in place, then that’s fine, although it doesn’t feel like it - simply because the mind goes into overdrive.
Many women come on here with your symptoms & get the all clear, that is the usual outcome.
It is difficult, but its best to carry on as normal & distract yourself as much as possible. We’ve all been there!
ann x



As ann says anxiety plays tricks with our logical mind, this is a scary time that you are going through but it will not be long before you have your apt.  We all know how difficult it is to try and remain calm but you need to try to for your own good.


We are all there for you and we will be virtually holding your hand all the way


Helena xxx



Hi Louise


I also found a lump, nearly 3 weeks ago. I went to my GP who thought it a good idea to wait until after my next cycle so has booked me for a follow up with her on 7th Feb before I get breast clinic referral.

Just waiting for the next GP appointment is excruciating.

Like you, I am trying to stay distracted and not focus on it too much, as Im sure I would come up with a list of 10 new symptoms daily if I let my mind wander. I have become a little obsessed.

The waiting is not fun.

Wish you all the best with your results and keeping all crossed for good news.

Warm regards


Sarah xx

Best wishes to those in the "waiting room. " I’m waiting for pathology results from surgery last week and have another 2 - 3 weeks to wait. I went through it all last winter too and I find the waiting very tough, and it’s getting tougher the past couple of days.