Found a lump

Hello lady’s
Yesterday i found a lump in my breast it is the size of a pea and hard I had an appointment today with my doctor I told him where it was and that I check regularly because there is cancer both sides of my family including my Mam and dad that have had treatment for issues also my sister has… So obv I am concerned with the what ifs could a be’s etc… I was told to wait 4-6 weeks before going back to see if there is changes and then he would think more into a referral but he didn’t examine the full breast I don’t know what to think as I kind of feel fobbed off am I being silly as I’m in my early 30s kind of felt like I wasn’t being taken serious

No your not being silly love not at all and I think you should go back to your Dr and push for a referal now, there are far too many ladies of your age and younger being diagnosed and early detection is so important and with family history you should 100% be taken seriously, I only had to mention that my mum had died of Breast cancer and I was sent for an urgent appointment, it may well be nothing but that’s not for your GP to decide, keep pushing is my advice Xx Jo 

I agree I would go back to your doctor, is it possible to see another doctor? We have several at my surgery & you don’t have to see the one you’re registered with. It may be nothing but waiting 4 to 6 weeks is too long for your health & your sanity. Anita x

Thank you for the replies I’m going to ring them back and see a different doctor! Xx