Found a lump

I have found a lump in my left breast just above my nipple and I am so so scared, it’s about the size of a pea. I have 2 daughters who are 7 years and 4 months old and I am terrified I am going to leave them without a mother. I’m a nurse and have seen young people with breast cancer which has made me worry more. I’m booked to see my gp next Friday so this next week is going to be full of me thinking the worst. I’m 27, don’t smoke or drink or anything. I squeezed my boob and a bit of white discharge came out, could have been milk but I stopped breastfeeding a good 14 weeks ago so I’m not sure. I just feel sick with worry

Hi Beth,
You’re getting it checked out, so that’s good.
Yes, of course some young women get diagnosed, but it is still very rare for someone of your age. Of all the things it could be bc is the least likely & there is most likely a simple explanation for it. Going through this does not stop the mind going into overdrive at times though.
Your GP may refer to the breast clinic, to get it properly checked out, which is usual procedure & for the vast majority of women, it turns out not to be bc
It can help with waiting to carry on as normal & distract yourself from thinking about it, although easier said than done of course!
ann x

Hi Beth,


i agree with Ann and hopefully it may be a small cyst or something else after feeding.


i keep saying, how very hard it is for us nurses to cope with this kind of worry in ourselves…we know too much, but not nearly enough and fearful thoughts turn anxieties into what feel like certainty…the brain is excellent at this…been there got the t shirt, t towels, and the key ring!


please let us know how things go…often people don’t, and we’re left wondering.