found a lump

cant really talk to anyone else so hoping for some friendly advice.
I found a lump a few weeks ago in my right breast and finally went to the doctors last week.The lump is hard a feels bumpy, it moves a little bit when you feel it.( i am 39). She has sent me for an urgent referral which has just come through for next wednesday.
The lump is quite large and my gp told me it was " a cause for concern", i have no other symptoms apart from an occasional ache under my arm and in my breast( not pain).
I am trying not to think about it most of the time-telling myself everything will be fine-i think i am okay, but when i have taken the kids to school and get back home, i just burst into tears.You read all the information on websites and that reassures me a bit, but then all the worries come back.
I would love to talk to someone for some advice/reassurance. Sarah

Hi Sarah,

Nine out of ten breast lumps are harmless, so hopefully you have nothing to worry about. However, you have done the right thing as only proper tests can determine whether it is harmless or not. When you go for your appointment you should get a mammogram, an ultrasound, and a biopsy - this is where they use a very fine needle to extract a sample from the lump to test. This is done under local anaesthetic so it doesn’t hurt, although you may be a bit sore after the anaesthetic has worn off. Where I was diagnosed they told me on the day that there was a problem, some places you will have to wait for results.

I hope that your lump will turn out to be benign but if it isn’t you will get plenty of support on this site. Best wishes for your appointment.

hi sarah
i too was like you and was worried to death - the gilrs on here are fantastic and will offer you lots of support - i found a lump and went through all the tests including a core biopsy - i had calcifications and had convinced my self that i had BC - i got my results yesterday and it was all ok - it was benign - so i know it is difficult not to worry but there is some good news sometimes so try and remeber that when you begin to fear the worse - hope it all goes well for you and your results are the same as mine - take care

hi sarah

glad to here you have your appiontment through hope all goes well for you will be thinking of you.

i am only 38 and i found mine at christmas time just be positive. i was told not so good news but nothing can stand in my way.

speak to you soon


Hi Liz

Thankyou for your thoughts, it is really kind of you.I have been lucky and told everything ok,i had a large cyst ( 4cmx3cm) which was aspirated ( filled up again though now), and told i had multiple cysts in both breasts.
I am sorry your news was not good.
From reading your posts you seem to be very caring and i feel very priviliged that you took the time to reply to my post.
I just wanted to pass on my best wishes and thoughts and to let all you ladies who post here regularly know that i truly feel you are inspirational and to let you know you are in my thoughts. Sarah x

Hi Sarah

off in to hospital on tuesday for op to remove lump.

glad it was only a cysts you had but keep your hands on them both. I know what cysts are like thats what i thought mine was a it is something i seem to have inherited from my father and get quiet a lot of them elsewhere but not so lucky this time.

Dont know were you live but are you any where near the milton keynes area if so some of the girls around here are going to be getting together once i have got over my op, just thought you might like to join us.

any way got to go as i have a bit of work to do before i go home for the evening.

speak to you soon.

love lizxxx

Hi Liz

Thanks for the advice. I live in Brampton in Cambridgeshire - not too far from Milton Keynes.
I hope everything goes well for Tuesday, i shall be thinking of you.
Feel a bit of a fraud for still posting comments on here but the replies i had were a great support to me, and everyone has really made me think about things.
take care, and as i said you will be in my thoughts on Tuesday, and after - speak soon.
Sarah xxx

Hi sarah

Out of hospital now but in a lot of pain have now got to wait till the 21st april to let me know if i need chem or rads or both.

very tired at the moment so this is short but sweet thank ou for think of me.

speak soon ots of love

liz xxxxxxxxx