Found a lump...

Hi all

I dont know where to start really, at the beginning is always a good place I guess.

*waves at everyone* hi I’m Nickie and I’m 38 (does that sound like an AA introduction?)

I regularly check my breast, purely because its an excuse to feel myself up! No, I’m kidding - my great great nan and my nan both suffered from breast cancer - my GG Nan lost her life quite quickly to it, where my Nan had a souble mastectomy in her early 40’s with the cancer returning in her late 70’s.

Monday night I found a lump whilst performing my weekly “fondle” on the underside of my right breast - its a hard lump which moves slightly on touch - I have no real pain with it, hadnt noticed it prior to the chech - and it’s about 1cm.

Went straight to the docs the next morning and have been “fast tracked” to the hospital for next Thursday.

What I’m finding really hard to deal with is my emotions on the subject, I’m ok when Im busy, but at night I’m not sleeping and my mind is going doolally - I know I should be thinking positive, but I can’t get there - I just really wanted to speak with people who have been in my position, who can tell me I’m normal :lol: although is debateable!

Hi Loveable

Welcome to the forums where I am sure you will receive valuable support and information from your fellow users very soon.

Breast Cancer Care has published a leaflet about breast clinic referral which you may find useful to read whilst you are waiting for your appointment. I have given the link here:

If you feel it would help to talk things over with someone in confidence, please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 which opens Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Hi Loveable

As you have probably guessed from reading these threads “you are perfectly normal” (whatever normal is) I know this isnt going to help much but 9 out of 10 lumps are benign and hopefully yours is too. I have been on and off of here for just over a year now and you would be surprised how many women come on here at this stage in a terrible state its a horrible time.

Its good that your doctor has fast tracked you but you will really be up and down for the next couple of weeks. If you want to talk or just let off some steam come on here, the women are lovely.

Let us know when your appointment is.

Take Care
Yvonne x

Hi Loveable

I agree with Yvonne, your emotions will be up and down that’s ‘normal’.

You sound as if you have reserves of humour, they will come in really handy because the waiting game is the hardest.

I truly hope that you come back to us in a couple of weeks to say everything is just fine. In the meantime perhaps us ladies & men can give you a few tips for the hospital appointment.

Take someone with you
Ask them to take notes
Have a few questions ready -(Although good hospitals give you the answers before you’ve asked them)
Don’t expect to have an answer either way on the first visit unless you are in a one stop clinic (Some ladies talk about these but I haven’t experienced them)
Don’t put up with delays in diagnosis or treatment.
Don’t read too many articles - web pages or books on BC just yet you could scare yourself to death, read just enough to understand anything they may say. I read a little on the Cancer Back up site about diagnosis and treatment and that was enough to ask pertinent questions.

I will leave you with an observation I have made on all my visits to the BC Clinic. There are ALWAYS more people coming out of the consultants rooms with huge smiles of relief than those who are taken to a room for a chat with the BC Nurse.

Take care


Hi Loveable,

I found a lump 3 weeks ago & have my appointment on Saturday morning. My GP referred me as " routine", & the NHS Apt I was given was not until 1st April!! I found this unbearable so have opted for a private apt, with the support of my GP. The waiting has been so hard;it is a difficult time for you right now & if you’re anything like me your imagination will run away with you at times , even when you are trying hard not to think about it. Not knowing is the hardest part.
I haven’t told anyone except my husband, who has been brilliant, but it has been diificult not to be able to talk to someone about all the conflicting feelings & emotions. My lump is like a frozen pea & just below it is a sort of oval shaped thing; not really a lump - I don’t know how to describe it. I have a dull ache sometimes in my armpit.I phoned the BC helpline & the lady I spoke to was lovely; I said I felt I was being irrational & that if it turned out to be nothing sinister, I would feel foolish for having worried so much & wasted the DR’s time… (ridiculous I know). But the Nurse told me that they are always happy to see you in Clinic & to remember that 9 out of 10 women get the all clear. But until you get that reassurance , all these emotions are normal.

I haven’t slept well for 3 weeks; nightmares, night sweats ( hence why I’m writing this at 4.45am !!!) I just want to know one way or the other now…
Carol’s advice is spot on …don’t read too much!! And you are perfectly normal !
I’m Zena & 40 yrs old by the way; I could probabaly do with an AA meeting as I’m reaching for the wine bottle most evenings to de-stress myself!
Good Luck with your appointment.

hi loveable

i agree with the others just keep your sprits up high.

i ahd to wait 2wks for the results no sleep just worry was told this wednesday not good news but i know one thing for sure i am not going to let it get the better of me and i will be out tonight on the drink enjoying myself.

by the way i’m liz & 38yrs old

good luck keep in touch.



Thank you all so much for your comments and feedback - this place has already been a great source of comfort and information :slight_smile:

Liz - I’m sorry your diagnosis has not been the one you had hoped for, and if you ever want to talk, please feel free to contact me.

Zen - I have my appointment already - Thursday 20th March 2pm - had it not come through as quickly as it had I would have gone the way you have.

I’ve been on the baileys a bit - fattening tho! LOL

Went in to work today and talked to a few of the girlies there who all wanted a “feel” as something they have all said is that they are concerned that they could miss a lump - I wasnt worried about them “coping a feel” because whatever my outcome is, if I can help someone else in a simple way, albeit just reassuring them that if the check regularly then they will notice even a little change, then so be it.

I dont know if I am different in my views of my breasts, they are to me just extra pieces of skin - my fear isnt of having to lose them to a mastectomy or the like, I’m more frightened of silly things like losing my hair - took me ages to grow it :lol:

I will be here, not just for the waiting period, but for the foreseeable because whatever the outcome of my tests - you guys provide a valuable resouse and a great place for peace of mind - if there is such a thing at this point in time.

Thank you once again :slight_smile:

Hi Lovable, you are so normal.
I have been on here since start of this year and sleeping was the first to go out the window, now sleep assisted with drugs which work erratically. Yes also a bit of alcohol was an aid, not now however I have not had a drink for three weeks! Whats wrong with me? Yes letting friends have a feel of your lump cannot hurt, and hopefully they are feeling a benign lump (as Yvonne states 9 out of 10 lumps are benign so hold that thought). Waiting is a nightmare I know but have to keep busy. Wish you all the best. Alicex

Hi all,

Just on my 3rd glass of wine ( you will all think I’m an " alchie" ) nervous about tomorrow, but just want to find out.

Loveable … if my sisters lived close by I would def let them have a feel… !! I know my eldest sister never checks her breasts; I wish she would… I feel quite guilty about my breasts as I have never liked them. I have inverted nipples & have often thought about having surgery; just to feel more feminine. I couldn’t breast feed my children, as my " equipment " was faulty ( as one GP told me ) which made me feel a failure. So like you , I don’t see them as something I will miss ( I’m sure some people will think this is really strange, but I feel detached from them anyway…) I am more afraid of the implications of BC & the impact on my husband, children & family.

It feels slightly indulgent to post on this site, when I probably will be ok … & there are so many women here going through so much, that I feel a bit of an intruder. But , finding a lump is a shock in itself & I have reacted very differently to how I thought I would, if ever this happened…
Thanks to everyone for being honest & sharing their experiences… it helps a lot.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Zena xxx


Good luck for tomorrow Zena and you for Thursday Nikki.

Yvonne xx

Thank you once again everyone :slight_smile:

Zen - please let me know how you get on - will have everything cross for you

So where abouts in the country are you all?

hi loveable

got letter through at the weekend for a hospital health check on the this thursday.

when round to my husbands mum on saturday and let her know both got moaned at as we didn’t say about it sooner, but it like i said it seemed silly telling her or my mum before hand as we did not know what it was, and the fact they are both old and lost both there husbands to cancer. all my mum did was say about things i used to get up to as a child as what a little cow i was with my husband saying i still am.

like i told all the family i had had 6 things happen in the last 4wks and this silly little thing is not going to stand in my way.

have got a long weekend booked at my friends cottage in may just us and the dogs can’t wait to get a way, so i had better get on tidying up all the rubbish out side this weekend,

lots of love speak to you soon


liz xxx

Liz - it seems you have the right attitude girl - dont let this awful thing beat you!

What dogs do you have? I have two border collies :slight_smile:

Are we allowed to swap email addresses here?

Today has been a weird day, like I can’t shake this feeling of being close to tears all the time - yes I smile on the outside but inside, oh I dont know - I mean, I’ve not had bad news, everything could be fine with me and I feel trememdous guilt when someone like yourself has had the worse news possible but still smiles on through.

Love to you all xx


hi loveable

I am going for a biopsy tomorrow so will also be waiting for results for next few weeks. I think things are slower here in South Africa too. I have not been sleeping for weeks either and also find alcohol works. Holding thumbs for you guys too.

hi loveable

I breed shelties have three of them and a friend of mine that had one of my bitchs puppies can not cope at the monment so i am having her back after easter.

feel very tired today and cold but still got that smile on my face.

going over my sister in laws on saturday night for dinner and all of the family are going to be there hope they don’t start crying or i am off down the pub.

speak to you soon

keep on smileing


liz xxxxx

Ok, so here is how it went - get to the hossie at 2pm as per the letter, see first Dr. at 2.30pm who proceeds to pummel my ladybumps like they are bits of dough, and that HURT! Nearly punched her, she must have been all of 20…she doesnt really speak to me, or reassure me - says ok you need a mammogram - get dressed and go to this place…

get dressed, trundle off close to tears and sit for another 30 mins waiting for a mammogram - get called in, oh did I tell you about the gingham batman type capes you wear? lol

Have four seperate shots taken of my tits flattened like pancakes and then get told to wait as my ladybumps are rather large and she may not have got them all

Wait another 5 mins, go back in for one more flat booby pic…

Then its back to the waiting room for another 3/4 hour wait for a core biopsy with the 20 year old…

Change into another batman cape, lay on a bed, they slice into my boob, insert a huge instrument and take SIX seperate slices!..oh I did have a local tho…

She then tells me “its not screaming alarm bells to her but obviously they want to get it completely checked” so I have to go back on 10th April 3.30pm for the results.

On the plus side I got talking to a lovely 77 year old lady who has been called back in a week and basically told its not looking positive even without the results, so they must know something. I didnt mean on the plus side for the lady obviously, I meant they know their stuff.

Hi Nickie

You are funny lol!!

Im glad it went okish for you yesterday, I think this post should be shown to the ladies who are worried about core biopsies and mammograms its a great description of what happens.

I hope you are not too sore today, I had 6 biopsies and each time they did one the instrument got bigger which was strange, and the batman capes are lovely arent they? You will now have a multi coloured boob for a while.

You have a great attitude but dont forget if you feel like talking while you are waiting for your results just pop on here. Fingers crossed they will be ok.

Take Care
Yvonne xx

Thanks Yvonne :lol:

I run a bingo forum, as a well as a bingo review site, so I had to tell my friends on their how it all went and just cut and pasted the same here :slight_smile:

I really am holding on to the words “not screaming alarm bells” and taking some comfort from that. As for the multicoloured boob - as yet it hasnt manifested itself - just a light discoloured line to the left of the entry wound.

I’m feeling really positive about the results, well having said that Ive been extremely tearful but dont feel like its about all this per se - although, who knows, maybe its all related?

I love coming here and reading the comments, but as someone said, feel a little of a fraud when so many have actually had bad news.

Off to Thorpe Park tomorrow with some mates, so will catch up soon guys

Peace and Love xxxxxxx Nickie

Hey Nickie

Take good care of that booby tomorrow and dont forget your thermals its bloody freezing out there. Have a great day though xx



all tests done and of in on the 1st for op

see e mail

love liz xxx