Found another lump

Hi everyone, i came on here about 4/5 mths ago after finding a lump in my left breast, with this lump i went straight to the doctors was rfered straight to the breast clinic within 2wks scaned and found it was a fibernodma spelt that wrong sorry, it was removed and all was good, it was such a quick and reaccuring procedure, from start to finish.
Well at the weekend i found a lump in my right breast this time, smaller than before and didnt feel as mobile as the 1st one, so monday morning doctors again. when i got there a new doctor examined me said she could feel the lump but as she was new she wanted to make sure she wasnt missing anything and asked if she could get another doctor to examine me as well which i agreed to, only to find it was a male doctor which i wasnt to happy about and a doctor i avoid at all cost as hes not a very good people person, he examined it and said he couldnt feel anything, other doctor told him where it was, now you must understand im quite flat chested so there isnt much to find in that area i only just fit in an A cup, he then said oh is that what your talking about well its very small, she only found it cos shes so small, i felt like slapping him and then crying. he she i should wait another month and see if it dissappers i explained that the last one i had started at 2cm and by the time it was removed was 5cm, so id rather not wait to see if it grows id rather get it checked at the clinic and make sure it is the same thing as before, he wasnt very happy about this but told the other doctor if thats what i want shell have to refer me.
After he left the room she apologised to me and stated that she would have refered me anyway and would feel the same if it was her.
so im now waiting for my referral but feeling slightly annoyed on my first visit i was told it was their policy to refer all breast lump no matter what, but it seems that not all the docs at the surgery do this. I cant stop thinking what if i wasnt as acertive as i am (gobby really) then id be sat at home worrying for another month panicing thinking i might have anything growing in there. i mean i know its probably the same as before but you cant be 100% till youve had a scan.
Sorry its so long but i really needed to vent,
thanks all take care

Hi there, you go ahead and rant - thank goodness the other doc was more on the ball ! Wishing you all the luck in the world with your referral and keep being gobby x Debbie x

Hi Redhead,

What you went through with that doctor is appaling- how do people like that manage to stay in their profession???

I have a very good GP and got a very quick referal- am getting my biopsy results tomorrow!!!???

When is your appointment? keep us posted- the worry this sort of thing causes is immense- I have actually found another lump but in my other breast- if I have good news tomorrow- do I mention it???

Good luck- and keep us posted


hi their, rant all you want, I didnt have a problem with my own doc referring me, it was the doctor at the hospital who said it was just fatty tissue and nothing to worry about, I had to ask for a mamogram and just as well I did, yep it was fatty tissue with grade 2 cancer inside it!!! we need to speak up, I could have walked away that day and god knows what could have happened to me.

hope all goes well for you

take care

Carol xxxx

Thank you for your posts,
good luck for tomorrow kirsty, and i would bring up the other lump as well no harm in mentioning it.
Still waiting for the appointment, they cant do book and choose so had to write to them instead so running to door everytime i see the postman, this was the worst bit last ime waiting for the appointment.
mind my 15mth old is keeping me busy running round after her as she throws her melon everywhere, bless her.
Thanks again will keep you posted.