Found another lump

Hi again, I’m due to start chemo next week but my necks been feeling good quite stiff and uncomfortable today and now I’ve found a pea sized lump at the top of my neck at the back.It feels like a swollen lymph gland and now I’m so worried it’s spread.What do I do? My CT scan was OK but they never scanned back of my neck.

Hi Foxy,


if your CT scan was clear, it might just one of those little lumps we all get from time to time.

But if you are really worried - it would probably be a good idea to call your BC nurse tomorrow morning and discuss this with her.

I remember from reading another post on your initial diagnosis, that you did not mention, whether it is suspected that it might have spread to the nodes in your arm…?

As you are due for chemo next week, even IF - this one has escaped from being noticed - the chemo is being given to kill cancerous cells.

For reference where nodes are in our heads - 

                                                        Lymph nodes - Diagram 2 (small).jpg

I hope this helps a little bit - I am so sorry that you are struggling so much. You had an awful lot of information to take in in a very short space of time. It is absolutely understandable that you are worried, as it appears you have had hardly any time to digest everything. Make as much use, as you can, of your BC nurse - they are great in explaining what is happening and they have access to all of the results, too.


Have you joined the June chemotherapy thread yet? You might find a lot of support there to help you through this challenging time. In case you have not and to make it easier - here is the link -


Huge hugs








Foxy, your lymph nodes can swell due to an infection(even a cold),ladies I have spoken to have had pea sized lumps that when scanned (ultrasound) where not anything to be concerned about .Hope you get some reassurance to put your mind at rest .Ring breast unit and get it checked out,chemo will hopefully blast any of the nasty buggers that have made their way to your nodes ,I think they can give radiotherapy to that area to for a double whammy.Good luck with it .Jill.

Thank you, I will check with the breast nurse tomorrow as I’m there having some metal put into my breast lump.
Yes it has definitely spread to my lymph nodes as that was how I found it, a large swelling in my armpit so this is why I’m concerned x

Foxy…i thought the exact same the other day to. I had my family checking my next as I was convinced I’d found a lump. I’m putting it down to stress. Every little twinge and ache I feel now, I think its connected. I’ve not had my scans yet…all booked for next week. I’m having metal in my breast too tomorrow. I’m scared too. I’ve read most people feel like this. Try to stay strong. This is a horrible time we’re going through. Hope it goes well for you tomorrow. Xxxx