Found another lump

Found another lump

Found another lump HI there,

I had prophylactic bilateral mastectomy 5 years ago due to abnormal lumps, fibroidenomas, cysts etc. there was more in there than actual breast! I did however ask them to take away the lumps and bumps and leave the swelling as I was only a 32C/D they actually looked like Jordan… However I got reconstruction at the same time, however after two attempts I got a severe infection last year in my implants and had to have them urgently removed, then after two months got my nipples removed still infected.

Anyway I now wear two prosthesis (and yes I am looking nearly like jordan as they are now 32DD!!). I am getting used to them, if I can only get lingerie to fit but yes that is another long saga story!!

I was offered reconstruction last month, but refused due to the possibility of problems recurring with the implants, but they offered taking tissue and muscles from other areas in my body, well being only a size 8-10, I dont have much to offer, and really I dont want cellulite boobs if they take them from my butt or thighs…

However, during my recent examination (I get them every 6 months due to nerve damage in the areas, numbness in my arms etc.), they found another lump basically where my right nipple was. It is about the size of a grape and sometime painful to touch. They have now put me down on the list to get it removed in the next week or two, and they will find out what it is. Yet another operation there causing more nerve damage and scarring.

I am worried what this lump is, and why it is there, since there isnt anything really in there to cause this lump, I thought it was scar tissue but the surgeon said no, not that size and shape, I thought it might be a stitch that hasnt disolved and caused inflamation, again the surgeon said no it would have been there from the operation last year and not just appear now.

I feel that I am now spending more time at the hospital than I did before, I thought getting the lumpy boobs out would be the end of the lumps, and with the reconstruction not working, I am happy with the prosthesis, and getting on with my life, but now this…

I feel that there isnt really anywhere for me to turn to since most if not all the sites and support groups are for breast cancer and not breast disease or prohpylactic mastectomy. I am having to adjust to a new lifestyle and body image the same as others, but without the chemo or radio.

sorry for the latter paragraph but it is so upsetting that we are going through just as much …

thanks for reading this.
carol xx

Hi Carol Sorry you have been through so much and it is still going on.
I had a mastectomy due to DCIS two and a half years ago, no invasive so did not need any further treatment but I stll have benign lumps in my remaining breast.
I know how hard it can be to talk to people when you have not been through as much as them but everyone on this site is very supportive and will respond with help where they can.
So keep posting
Hope your lump turns out OK

todays the day HI,
Well todays the day I get the lump removed (where my right nipple used to be). Hopefully it is benign, but glad it is being removed and will be tested.

It has been irritating my prosthesis so glad it wont be there after this afternoon. Hopefully there is no more lumps, as it is only skin and ribs on both sides now, nothing there for any lumps to come from… but I am still getting checked out at the hospital regularly. So will keep that up, and especially since I have had loads and loads of lumps and bumps over the years since my bilateral mastectomy.

Hope you are all well and will let you know how it goes.

thanks for your support.
carol xxx

Just wanted to wish you well and hope that you don’t have to wait too long for your results and that everything is OK… At least you haven’t lost your sense of humour along with all the lumps and bumps. Love and cyberhugs from P. xx

thinking of you… Thinking of you today and hoping that everything goes exactly the way you want it to. It will be good to have the lump removed and hopefully it will be the last op you have to have…you have been through so much.
Big hug and let us know how you are, when you’re ready.

Hope it all went well yesterday and that the results are good