FOUND! Fantastic 'Mastectomy' Bra

I had a bilateral mastectomy in 2008 and have spent very many pounds trying to find a comfortable bra with pockets in which my two prostheses did not ride up in the pockets ending up with a unsightly ridge at the top. At last I have the answer, they are comfortable, the prostheses sit in the correct place and stay put! And best of all they do not cost the earth. For less than I have spent on individual bras from various specialist and non specialist companies I now have three bras which are fantastic. They are the ‘geniebra’ which have insert pockets which my 36C boobs fit into wonderfully. I got a size 12 which fits perfectly. At last comfort and boobs that stay put even when I lean forward, which is a bonus.
Good Luck all you ladies out there

I bought one of these bras and can confirm that they are extremely comfortable. Although the one that I bought doesn’t have pockets.

What sizes do they go up to ?I need a 44d desperate to find something comfy, where do they stock them?

Hi - I just looked at their website but no mention of pocketed cups. Where did you buy ther pocketed version from?

I bought a pack of three of these in british home stores, I got a size 18 one white one black one flesh coloured, haven’t worn anything else since I bought them.
They don’t advertise as having pockets and the slot to get the prothesis in is quite small but they are great.

I got mine through Amazon for 24.99. Search for 'Official Genie Bra - 3 Pack White, Nude & Black in Sports and Ourtdoors. It says right down the bottom in the Product Description, ‘And best of all, the Genie bra has specially designed insert pockets, so you can slip in the extra soft, full coverage support pads for that enhanced shape and perkier look. It’s like having your very own custom made bra!’ but you can get your prosthesis into the pocket and it is great! They go up to XXXXL size but you choose your dress size, check the official Genie site -for example UK dress size 12 is L and 16 is XXL !
Hope this helps you ladies.

Also matalan are now doing a quite pretty post op bra

Hi all,
I bought my GenieBras from BHS British Home stores and paid £39 quid for 3 pairs x1 black, x1 white, and one nude I bought a larger size than I actually am should be medium but got large and that fitted very comfy they are a godsend and come with pockets like you say great for putting the prosthetic in and they look fab. They really are the best bra’s on the market at the moment and for the price very good.
Love and light to all
sarahlouise xx

The Anita Sera Bilateral Mastectomy Bra is a post-surgery bra that makes you feel and look fantastic.

Hi,I too now use Genie bras,bought from BHS during their 20% off week,they are extemely comfortable,have a Seroma so still using a softy,when I eventually have a prosthesis,I worry that the pocket insert is too small to squash in a sponge prosthesis,anyone having problems with that.
All other bras have made me look like Mrs Doubtfire

Hi Mavis
It is a bit of a squeeze but my two 36C boobs go in without any problems, I just roll them and ease them in through the gaps, because the material is stretchy they go in quite easily. The bra is absolutely fabulous and stays close to my chest wall as well which is a bonus as far as I am concerned.
Love and hugs ladies

Tillybob, I too have your problem, the fact that I’m size 44D. I’ve always had problems getting comfy bras and now it’s even worse, only having one boob! I’ve tried a few mastectomy bras but the best one for me is the Anita Safina, very comfy and supportive. Well, I say comfy but actually, nothing is really comfy because I’m still tender and can only wear a bra for s few hours at a time. The other bra I wear regularly is a cheap sports bra, no pockets but all elasticated and I find I can wear this for longer. Here’s the link to where to buy it, if I’m allowed to post it:-,size:
I’m hoping things will improve once I have a proper prosthesis, going for fitting 1st August. At the moment, I’m using a wheatie bag which does the job admirably as it’s nice and heavy. You need something heavy when you have a large chesticle size otherwise you look hopelessly lop-sided!
Hope this helps

Sainsburys do a copy of the Genie Bra and it costs £8. They are soft and comfy and have small pads in them. I’m having my second Mastectomy in 2days time and I know these will be great. I just look as if I have small boobs. Also John Lewis Haberdashery department have “Breast Forms” which are made of foam and would add a bit more curve if you wanted.
Good luck to everyone xx

When is the best time to buy bras when having a bilateral mastectomy? Before or after the op? How will I measure my size? Where is the best place to buy them - I live in Dumfries Scotland?

Jomaro my breast care nurse said get measured before the op. I 've noticed Boots are stocking Genie Bras I agree they’re great. I wore them before my mascetomy and after with my softie form and now my size 9 Amoena breast form(42c cup) fits into the pocket. Just buy your blouse size, I’m an eighteen so thats what I ordered. Good luck with your op.

i got a lovely mastectomy bra in the debenams web site ,it was only £14.99 and is lacy and embroidered too .i had never thought to look on there ,but im glad i did as they do have a number of nice ones to buy .

I love these bras. Just a little tip. I found that because there is no seam inside, my two prothesis moved together during the day and gave me an unnatural shape. To rectify this I sewed a line of stitching down the side of the cups just in the middle and the problem has beeen solved.

Jomaro, I have tried a few but find good old m and s the best for me. Come in black and white with some lace stitching and are very comfortable. Breast form does not move around too much and feel fairly normal in it. good luck in your quest.