found lump 22yrs old, terrified

Hi all, 


reaching out for support here as I am going out of my mind with worry,


I have recently found a lump in my right breast and i am 22 years old and i also suffer with bad health anxiety so as you can imagine i am a wreck!


i am going to make an app with GP tomorrow which scares me even further!


I am also due on my period could this make a difference with the lump?


thank you to anyone who replies.


Chloe x

Hi Chloe,
Well done on getting a GP appointment to get this checked out. What you describe is certainly not uncommon on here & is most likely hormone related as you say.
Of all the things it can be, bc would be the Least likely, especially in someone of your age, where it’s very rare.
It is much more likely there is a common benign reason for the lump.
See what your GP says, s/he might say to see how it is after your period or may refer you to the breast clinic, but don’t read anything into this if referred, as this is standard procedure.
ann x

hi Chloe,
It depends what your GP thinks. S/he could refer or ‘watchful wait’ so to speak, to see how it is after your period.
They can refer urgently under the 2 week rule, or non urgently which means there maybe a few weeks wait. Either way, especially for young women, it would be highly unlikely for it to be bc.
ann x

That’s great, Chloe, but do see your GP to get it all checked out for your own peace of mind.
ann x