Found lump have questionss

Hi! I found a pea size lump And went to doctors this morning, she felt it also and said that I could just be breast tissue but she didn’t feel the spot on the other breast , I have a mammogram/ultrasound appointment coming up. Has anyone ever thought it was breast tissue and it was cancer? Also what did the bump feel like…sorry I’m just nervous! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello there

Sorry to be unhelpful but nobody can tell what it is or is not except for a medical professional once you have undergone your tests . When I got called for second screening I was diagnosed with cancer but separate from that lump the BCN who examined me thought she could feel something else in another part of my breast - which on investigation was just normal breast tissue. Most people who get called for tests do not have cancer , several friends and colleagues have told me that they have been investigated and were clear.

Waiting for tests and results is awful and it’s natural to be nervous / anxious but the best thing you can do is to keep busy and do things that will allow you to forget about this and feel happiness even if for a short time. Stay off Google and don’t delve into the topics on this site right now but it may help to call the helpline tomorrow on 0808 800 6000 and talk it through with the nurses .

Come back and let us know how it went
With love xx


Dear EllieLevi,

Welcome to the forum, we are all here for you, understandable you are feeling worried, you say you have an upcoming appointment soon,

I am going to quote an old saying that no one has Breast Cancer until you have been diagnosed by a consultant, fingers crossed for an excellent outcome for you.

Take one day at a time at the moment, Making some notes as you go along as there’s a lot to take in and we can be all over the place at this time, but I feel sure that your breast cancer nurse will be there to support you.

Wishing you health and happiness going forward please come back and let us know how you’re getting on.

Biggest hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:


Hi, with my first breast cancer the tumour felt hard, like a small rough stone whereas the cysts I’ve had in the past felt smooth. I know it can only be diagnosed properly by hospital tests so I hope you get good news. Stay strong, the waiting is awful. Take care x

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7 years ago i went to gp about a lump in my left breast. She said she thought it was in the skin not breast tissue. 6 months later, i still have the lump & a routine mammogram appointment comes round. I tell the radiographer i have a lump, show her where is it, mammogram comes back all clear. 6 months later, I’m back at gp with the lump, get a 2 week referral to hospital & 3 weeks after that I’m told i have stage 3 breast cancer. I now have secondary.
I dont mean to scare you but at the gp, INSIST on a referral. In my experience the hospital staff will be more than happy to examine you and hopefully send you home with good news. Very good luck to you x


I would wait for your results and not be reading these posts, it will just make you more anxious. Some people just don’t hold back, their comments would scare me.