Found lump on painful leg could it be anything!!

Waitin for results on x ray on a painful knee had it about 5 weeks just noticed last night a lump at Th back of knee get rules Friday but worried n very painful any help grateful rozita xx


Hope your appointment shows nothing to worry about xx


No lump but my knees ache continually and i am blaming tamoxifen!!!

get everything checked out is my motto since diagnosis

good luck

Ho Rozita

I’m sorry you have this worry. You should get it checked out to ease your mind, but I think it is unlikely to be mets. Although bc does often metastasise to the bones, for a first bone met to be in the lower leg would be quite unusual, and it shouldn’t cause a soft tissue lump. I have bone mets and haven’t come across anybody yet with mets below the hip, although I know it can happen in later stages.

I also have sore knees - one much more than the other - as a se of targeted therapy. Hope you will soon get some reassurance.

finty xx