found new lump

I had a mx and LD flap reconstruction in October '12. I’ve now a new lump, well away from surgery scars, but roughly in the same place as my original tumour.I also had several areas of DCIS. Should I be worried or is it nigh on impossible for the acancer to grow again?

Hi Loubee

I am sorry to read that you have this new worry, please feel free to call our helpliners to talk your concerns over, lines are open again tomorrow at 9 (weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2) on 0808 800 6000

Take care


Hi Loubee,
Try not to worry too much (I know that is easier said than done). I too had a mx and LD reconstruction in Jan 2012 and about four months ago I found a new lump. Mine wasn’t in the same area as the original tumour but I feared it was a recurrence. I phoned my breast care nurse and got an appointment to get it checked out by my consultant. I was told by the consultant that it was hard to assess a lump in a reconstruction so sent me for an ultrasound. It showed up nothing suspicious and that consultant said the lump was a little fat necrosis. My Breast Cancer consultant did a biopsy of the lump just to be on the safe side which turned out to be nothing sinister. The tests and the waiting for results are a worrying time but I would always recommend you get it checked out even to get peace of mind.
Fat necrosis is quite common after LD and even more common if you have also had radiotherapy to the area which I did. It may well be this is what is causing your lump too but please go and get it checked out

I just wanted to tell you to get it checked and then saw that Loubel had already advised you to do so! As I understand it, it is rare to develop breast cancer following treatment, but it certainly isn’t impossible. I am probably not the person you want to hear from as I have had breast cancer twice, so don’t be alarmed just because I ended up in a very small statistic. Most people have at least once scare and as Loubel says its very stressful. However, don’t leave it and you can always ring the BCC Helpline for a chat.
Good Luck, Rattles

Thanks for your advice & reassurance. It is worrying, but I’m trying to keep it to myself until I’ve seen the consultant on Wednesday, (GCSE time etc). I have put on over a stone since my mx, fingers crossed it is fatty tissue.