Found out today

Hi, I went for the results of my biopsy today and they said its BC , they’ve booked me in for a lumpectomy and took a biopsy of my nodes under my right arm as a couple of them look suspicious. Don’t know really what to think. Bit worried incase it’s all over but feeling like I want to get it sorted.

I’ve called my lump Hitler cos everyone hates him aswell.

Hi Tortoisegirl,
Sorry to hear you have had bad news today. Sending you a big hug!!!
I got my bad news last week so can understand how you must be feeling today. It is difficult when you first hear the diagnosis and your mind gets clogged up with fears, worries and a multitude of questions. Not knowing what to think seems to be part of process. You are suddenly thrust into the world of cancer and all you want to do is escape to a Paradise Island where everything is sunny and bright.
One week on, I am now managing to control my anxiety. The first three days after being told, I was having palpitations and panicky thoughts.
Have you been allocated a Breast Care Nurse yet?
I was introduced to mine on the day the Consultant Surgeon confirmed my diagnosis. My BCN is lovely and as I live alone with no family or close friends, it is comforting to know I can ring her any time if things are bothering me.
I am having a lumpectomy and SNB on the 25 October, so not long to wait now.
Like you, I just want to get the situation sorted.
I’ve accepted that this is going to be a journey where my anxiety levels change frequently depending on what’s thrown at me.
I’ve not called my lump a name. Maybe I should think of one so I can say a proper goodbye (good riddance) when the surgeon removes it.
Wishing you Peace and Positivity to help you through this difficult time.

Sorry to hear that tortoisegirl but your in the right place for support.

Its standard procedure to check your nodes if they look a bit suspect doesnt mean they will have cancer of that the cancer will have spread… They are the gate keepers to the rest of your body and try to keep the cancer cells out… So if they have cancer they will usually remove them and normally offer chemotherapy to mop up any stray cells that maybe escaped to other parts of your body to help prevent the cancer spreading… The treatment isnt nice but worth it if it stops the squatters in their tracks.

Best of luck eradicating hitler


I found out on Tues evening. Weds I was like a zombie. Thinking the worst was gonna happen. On thurs I was in a rage about it and yesterday I felt calmer and my fight came back. Every negative emotion going in a matter of days. I’m exhausted. 

Do you know if you have to have chemotherapy after your lumpectomy? Chemo is what I am dreading the most even more than a mestectomy.


Leesa x

They’ve said they will give me Chemo after. It’s all very scary. Today I feel tired and stressed.

Hi Tortoisegirl… I have been thinking of you since Friday and am so sorry to hear about your results. If you are anything like me you are probably going through a roller coaster of emotions right now. If anything positive has come out of this is must be the efficiency in booking you in for the lumpectomy… im sure you just want surgery now to get and to get on with it… have they given you an actual date?

Heres to operation destroy Hitler!

I have to wait for an Mri before they will decide on best course of action for me…

I don’t know if you will find this helpful but when I had a bit of anxiety post natally last year I found a website called headspace and used to do 15 to 20 mins of guided mindful meditation every day and I found it incredibly helpful. I am planning to start again today to try and stop my mind rushing around with thoughts…it did really help last year…


Hey I keep thinking about you too. They are moving it on the 6th November I go back on Friday to get the results of my lymph biopsys. That said I might need a scan after that . But didn’t say what sort. I’m not sure they have aMRI scanner at our hospital I think you would have to go to Sheffield . It sounds like everywhere has different procedures but as long as they get rid of it

I know its a bit of a waiting game isnt it. Its good they have set a date though.
I know its does seem to be different procedures everywhere. I am in Kingston upon thames… i think mri is routine for all new diagnosis here. …
Its raining here so planning on a vegging day with the family… hope you have a good day xx

I’m crocheting a blanket to keep me calm! It’s going to be massive!! Lol