Found second lump after just finishing treatment for 1st one

Hi everyone. just want to rant can’t belive that after just finishing treatment for cancer in my right breast, I have jst found another hard lump in my left one.  Its very small though just the size of a pin head but have called the nurses and have been booked in for a Mamogram on the 25th.  I just don’t feel I can go through all this again, the surgery and the radiotherapy (which i only finished 6 weeks ago).  Because it is so small I am hoping it is nothing, but cant stop feeling it and am getting anxious all over again.

Hi magic maria


I can sympathise with you, i had the exact same thing happen to me, they put me through the system again at the one stop clinic, had both breasts scanned and mammogram after 6 months of op, i was told it was a small cyst, nothing to worry about, i was so apologetic to them, as i constantley worry now, even though i had the all clear, a month later the worrys come back, i have to say, they were absolutley brilliant with me, hope all goes aswell for you hugsss