Found what feels like a grain of something??

Hello! I last posted in July while going through a breast ultrasound. Still getting rechecked on that. But… Since then I have not done a self check. So last night, after 4 months of not checking, I did. I was surprised when I felt something very small, like a grain, and somewhat sharp and hard feeling. The first thing that came to my mind was like a little grain of glass. Or a grain of a rock. All I’ve read about are larger feeling lumps but never like this. Has anyone else heard of this or experienced this? I had my second partial ultrasound done today and told the tech but she briefly went over it and seemed to not have seen anything. Yet my breasts are considered dense so I’m sure there is a possibility of it not being seen? I guess my first step will be to have my dr feel it when in go in two weeks. It’s so hard waiting though as we all know, so if anyone has any thoughts on this I would love to hear them? Thank you all so much.

Hi Jenny,

I’m sorry to hear you’re worried about this, if you want to speak to a specialist nurse while you’re waiting for your appointment, ours are available on 0808 800 6000.

Take care, Becca at Breast Cancer Care. 

Thank you for your message ?