Four weeks after radiotherapy


Im hoping someone can advise if they relate

Its four weeks since I finished radiotherapy, my nipple turned darker (which I expected) but now the skin on my nipple is very dry and is flaking and crusting off I keep applying moisteriser , it is also itchy sometimes , has anyone else had this?

After about four radiotherapy sessions I remember saying to the radiotherapist I felt like dipping my nipple in a bucket of ice 

Also although I did the arm exercises after surgery I feel a tightness sometimes where my lymph nodes were taken , don’t feel it all the time but now and then when I reach for something etc This seems to be more noticeable after radiotherapy

Thanks for any advice and support x 

Hi sparkle

I can’t comment on the nipple issue as I had a mastectomy. However I do know that the effects of radiotherapy continue after treatment. I think it was about 3 weeks after treatment finished before I experienced any effects whatsoever. So don’t be surprised. It may be that you need a different kind of cream now, one with healing properties as opposed to a water-based moisturiser so I’d get back to your breast care nurse (preferably the one based in radiotherapy) for advice.

I’m afraid you are virtually condemned to those breast exercises for the foreseeable future. What you may have is the beginning of cording. When you think about it, something was removed and created a vacuum. The tissue around it (so it was explained to me) kind of collapses into the space and welds together into a mass that must be kept soft and pliant. Otherwise a hard ridge will develop (yep, me) and, from there, knots of sinew running from the axilla to the elbow (even beyond). It needs massage and can be quite painful so your goal is to prevent that happening. Keep going with the breast exercises, focusing on the ones that stretch the tight area. Massage it firmly daily, then brush down the side of your body firmly from armpit to waist. Alternatively, stand straight and pull your shoulder blades together firmly, maybe 5-8 speedy contractions. Either of these will help redistribute any lymphatic fluid. All these pearls of wisdom come from my wonderful rehabilitation physio at the hospital btw.

Best of luck

Jan x

Hi sparkle 

I’m 2 and half weeks after rads . My nipple is ok so far , but my scar line has changed colour and is very tender to touch . I also feel some tightness under my arm despite continuing to exercise my arm. I was told that it could several weeks for things to settle. I’m still applying gel twice a day too. How is your tiredness? . I am shattered by teatime and can’t wait to feel more normal !x