Fourth surgery finally successful!

Had lumpectomy in May.  Margins not clear so redone in June.  Margins still not clear, redone in July.  Those margins clear but bits of cancer found in scar tissue.  Lots of discussion between the specialists.  Some said mastectomy.  My surgeon said redo margins so had it done again two weeks ago.  She obviously had a real clear out as am far more sore and muscles back aching.  Got results yesterday - all clear???.  So pleased I made the decision to go ahead with margins.  Was offered mx but as my husband said ‘you can’t put your boob back if you find out you only needed a mm taking’


waiting now to start radiotherapy.   It’s a bit wierd feeling happy now and not thinking about cancer.


thank you to everyone for their help on this board.


Hi Flyingarcher


Wow, you’ve really been through the mill but so glad to hear you got good news after your latest surgery. Take care of yourself x 



Yay well done is fab news, well not the bit about the sore bit :(.  I am so pleased for you it has been a long trawl for you but you have done it. 


Rads are very doable and you will soon be able to put active treatment behind you.


Helena xxxx

Flyingarcher, thrilled you have the results you wanted - at last! Well done you. Rads will be easy peasy, so onwards and upwards . Join the August rads group. Best of luck. X

Flying Archer, so pleased to hear your good news xx

So glad you have finally got clear results!