Frances & Darby

Frances & Darby

Frances & Darby Hi Frances & Lesley

Thought you both could have a spot at being in the headlines ( though Lesley -you’ve had your 15mins of fame in Top sante ha ha).I’m off to the I hope , not so frozen north tomorrow , so hope you both have a good week.
Frances -I THINK you might have registered on the bcpals site, and have sent you a pm there, but obviously just checking out it is you before I make a complete twit of myself!
Take Care both of you
Cherry xx

Weekend Hi Cherry

Sorry didn’t see this before you went away, so hope you have had a fab time!!!

I had my pelvic scan yesterday for my unexplained vaginal bleeding, the radiologist says everything looks fine so huge relief, had large glass of red wine last night to celebrate.

Take care
Love Lesley xx

p.s. when are you back to work?

Other site Hi Cherry

Are you under the same user name on the other site?

Love Lesley x

Hi Cherry Hi Cherry, Yes I have registered with the other site but I am still in the process of trying to understand how it works and so I haven’t posted you any message. Life has been so hectic recently and I have been suffering with insomnia though I think I’m out of the woods for now. Had a good night last night but it’s been a case of dragging myself through each day. Thank you for posting and I would really love to meet up. I will get back to you soon on the bcpals site.
I also have my review with the consultant and mammogram results on wednesday. Expect everything to be OK so if not I will likely throw myself on the carpet and scream the place down.

LOL Frances

Good Luck for Wednesday Hi Frances

Just want to wish you well for Wednesday, let us know how it goes.

Love Lesley x

me too frances and glad to see your doing well apart from the sleep


Thinking about you Hi Frances

Been thinking about you today, how did your review and results go today?

Love Lesley x

Hi my bc pals What a performance!! Cherry I simply can’t make any sense of the bc pals website. I did manage to register and saw my pm from you but then when I tried to reply it wouldn’t let me post and now it won’ t let me reregister. I am very miffed as I would really like to meet up. Are there any good coffee shops in Reigate?. I know we mustn’t put any details on this forum so I shall keep trying with the other site.
OOO Yelsha /Ash lovely to hear your’voice’ Hope everythings aok.

Thanks Darby for your thoughts. How’s the running going? Anyone doing this Race for Life thing?. Personally I’m not a great fan of pink tutus.

My appt with the consultant went well. My remaining boob is fine. However I came home to discover at the school gate that my friend who had it very badly 5 years ago has got brain mets and I just feel devastated for her and her family. I also have this overwhelming anger at the fact that she gets it and she is such a superb person.

Love to you all


Hello Girls …back from the lake district -really glorious weather until the last day.Glad everyone is bobbing along.

Frances - I found the bcpals site confusing at first too -and I think you have to post 7 times before you can send mail.I’m sure there must be a decent coffee shop in Reigate - but haven’t tried any since I live here! -very happy to explore them with you though!
Sorry to hear about your friend -no-one deserves this and it’s terrrible that we can’t relax "X " years from diagnosis-sometimes it feels like (as I’ve said ad nauseum) that we may be marching towards more trouble, instead of walking away from it.-very hard to live with.

keep trying the bcpals site-and i’ll check there to see if there has been any success!

profile Hope it’s not too scary -but my daughter (predictably outraged that her photo was on my profile) sorted me out pronto and has uploaded a pic of me instead - not sure it’s the one i would have chosen, but it is a recent one. I’m always interested in people’s reactions when they see a photo as often the image in your head seldom matches the “real” one in front of you.

welcome back I missed you Hi Cherry

Welcome back I missed you!

Pictures lovely, nice to see your face, feel as though I know you better now! having said that still haven’t got round to sorting out my picture!

Glad you enjoyed the lakes.

You have a very pretty daughter, my daughter Emma will be 15 (going on 21) next month, she’s left today to spend 4 days in Manchester with her friend, at friends grandmas so my house is very quiet at the moment!

Enjoy whats left of your time off work.

Love Lesley x

Hi Lesley- lovely to hear from you. Just surfaced from the washing mountain -I’m not sure how we brought so much back , since the cottage we stayed in had a washer/dryer which i made good use of!
My daughter (Rachel) is 15 this month -so Rachel & Emma must be the same year group at school.Hope your’re making the most of the peace and quiet while Emma’s away. We have competing music (I use the term loosely), when mine are both at home-so I make the most of the noise free zone when they’re out.

I’m glad your recent scan was ok -have you had any more problems with bleeding or have your ovaries decided to sleep on?? I’ve had quite a bit of trouble with my upper back and arm (affected side) recently.I just hope I’m not in for more creaking bones and joints now my ovaries have been dispensed with!!
Cherry xx

Hi Hi Cherry

Ovaries behaving very nicely at the moment (long may it continue), just noticed today how dry my skin is especially hands, always had an oily skin before this little lot.

I’m going to Leeds on Thursday for the Easter break to stay with my sister (probably told you that already) so really looking forward to that.

Are you away for Easter?

I know what you mean about the competing music my son’s 18 and really enjoying Emma being away!!

With regard to your upper back and arm, do you still do your exercises? I stopped after a year and ended up with a frozen shoulder for a quite a few weeks (really painful) started being good with the exercises and thankfully it got better, very slowly.

Right, sun shinning off to walk the dog, Mollie, old english sheepdog, really beautiful, but naughty, love to her bits though.

Take care
Love Lesley x

Hi Lesley Was in Leeds myself last week -albeit very briefly-no time to shop! I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time with your sister and I think the weather is set to stay good too. Don’t envy you the trip though -although you dont have to tackle the dreaded M25!
Apart from one year when we were obliged to do the Disney Florida thing, we always stay home Easter (can’t bear the traffic).The kids are irritated by this as most of their friends seem to be away too. My son is 18 this year --have you gone through the driving lessons with yours yet?-I can see I will be living on another knife edge when & if mine passes his test-though I’m secretly hoping it won’t be for a while yet.

I have stopped doing my exercises -I am SO lazy, and yes -must start doing them again -thank-you for the reminder! The shoulder pain is definately aggrevated when I use my laptop (I slouch in a soft seat -so it’s my own fault really).

Do you make Mollie run with you??
If i don’t speak to you again before Thursday -have a lovely break & have that cup of coffee in Harvey Nics!
Love Cherry xx

Hi Hi Cherry

My son is learning to drive at the moment and like you I hope it takes a while!!!

Mollie dosen’t run with me she’s only a year old and thinks its a sign to play, jumping up etc so walk her at a different time.

Just trying to decide what to pack for my few days away, you can never trust our weather, i’m sure my brother-in-law will think i’ve left home for good when he see’s the size of my bag!!

Have a lovely easter
Love Lesley x