Frances? Hi my friend , Well I got my results yesterday and everything is all clear so needless to say I am delighted. The lump on the other breast is a fibroid and I will just have to watch that. I have been referred to a gynae this side of Christmas to debate the hormone treatment issue even more. I have been told that I will be offered tamoxifen regardless of the ovary decision. I will talk to the new cons re zoladex v oopherectomy and they will put me in touch with someone who has gone through the chance at my age so i know exactly what I am getting myself in for, thanks to this site I already have a fair idea …how are you getting on ???

Hi Ashley, that’s good news about your lump. I am going to see my Consultant in 2 weeks time to discuss OOpherectomy. He seems to understand my concerns. I am also having another blood test just to see what my oestrogen is doing. I have not had many bad side effects from Tamoxifen and I would be happy to remain on it even if I have ovary shutdown. But I do have some achey joints in my knees . It looks like we’re going to be on very similar paths. Lovely to hear from you. Have you thought about organising some time for yourself yet?. Make sure you do. Let’s keep in touch

hi frances, just thought i would pop in and say hello.
yep, that’s it, hello.
sharon. x

hello wonderful wonder 1 Always nice to have you pop over.!! Do you know what I was thinking the other day?. You and Ashley (Yelsha) seem to be my number one mates. Cancer Bacup does weekend walks in aid of their charity. How about a weekend walking together next year.

Hello to Sharon and Frances!
Yes F we are on the very same path, I guess you will be discussing the ovary removal with your consultant before I get to see the gynae. I did not realise that I would be taking Tamoxifien regardless of ovaries being there or not, I thought my decision was ovaries out V tamox but there you go. My cons wants me to talk to another woman who has gone through the menopause in her early thrities so I know what I might be letting myself in for so I look forward to that and researching this more, it does keep the mind busy!

I feel the same as some other posters here with that little feeling of apprehension now that the too regular conatct with the hospital is calming down, I sometimes think I am a fool considering I should be happy to see the back of the oncology floor but now your own … I did start taking that time out to myself and have booked into a weekly relaxation class in the cancer centre in the city and I have asked my cons for a letter to return to the gym, not that I will be doing the same as before mind you. I have some jelly belly and thats before the Christmas puds!
Myself and hubbie are escaping the kids next week and having 2 nights away and it could not come at a better time with the holidays just on top of us and I am off to see George Michael next week here too so plenty of business next week… coming close to my 1st dx anniversary and got the decorations and lights up last night to get into the mood and lift the spirits… I do love Christmas… I hope you and the family are keeping well and if I fall off the radar next week you know why and I will be in touch really soon x x