Freaking out

I’m 27 and 3 months ago found a lump in my left breast. I waited a month to see if there were any changes during my cycle of which there were none. About 3 weeks after finding the first lump I found a large mass in my left armpit. I was ok until I found that! I then did my best yo-yo impression for several weeks waiting for a GP apointment.

My GP fast tracked me and 3 days later I was seen in breast clinic during which the dr found more smaller lumps and commented that the armpit lump was ‘quite large’…she knew how to make me feel better!
I was told I’d have a scan and FNA within 2 weeks but due to backlog I have it on Thursday, 5 weeks after clinic apointment.

I’m really really scared now and I know at 27 i’m low risk but with a slight family history and having known so many women who fought and lost bc I just find it hard to stay positive. In a way I’m not looking forward to Thursday but on the other hand I am because I may get some kind of answer.

Sorry for my rant x


sorry you are having such a hard time, waiting for test results is probably the most stressful thing i have even been through, so i totally understand your position. I hope you get the results you hope for, but in the event you don’t, there are many lovely ladies on the forum who will support you.Do you have family and friends close by who you can talk to? I am shocked at the delays in your appointments, it doesn’t seem like your doctors, including the breast clinic, are too concerned perhaps? Take care and post here more for support if you need it, or give us the good news as we love to hear that too!