freaking out

i am compleatly freaking out and me keep googling my symtoms is not helping my apointment is still 4 days away and i feel like im going to go insane i just want to know what it is. dont know how everyone is coping that have been and had test done and are waiting for answers x

Please try not to google. As you have found it won’t give you the answer and it will scare you silly. Much of the information you find is wrong and out of date anyway.

We have all been where you are and know how hard it really is. The best thing I can say is to try and get through each day one day at a time.

Do you have a close friend, family or OH you can talk to there? If not remember there is a helpline here you can always call them.

Whatever the outcome you will find the strength to deal with it, you are right the not knowing and waiting is the wrost bit of all.

As lakeslover says - don’t google! Try to distract yourself by doing something that requires a bit of concentration.

The waiting room really is the worst part of all of this. Even if the news is bad, there is always a plan of action and you begin to feel better once active treatments start. Hopefully it will be good news for you and please do come back and tell us.

Just want to add my support albeit virtual. This is often talked about as the toughest part as you have to battle the mental demons and the lack of information but what you are going through is exactly what each and every one of us has been through so please take heart in the fact that you are not alone.

Just try to take each day as it comes until your appointment,I know easier said than done. There isn’t any more I can add to the good advice Lakeslover has given please stay away from google, it only feeds the mental demons. Hugs…Zax

Hello. I was exactly the same. It is so difficult not to google as I did and just scared myself even more. The waiting is horrible, you feel fine one minute, then go into disbelief the next. Every scenario goes through your mind. Please believe me when I say you are not alone.

So many ladies have spoken about the helpline here, maybe they could help?

Sorry I can’t be of more help but I do know how you feel and you will find the strength to get through this waiting time.

Best of luck.
Ann x x


I just like to add my support for you like all the ladies before. It is a rotten time to wait for results and your mind does go into overdrive. Please give the Helpline a ring tomorrow, they are ever so good. I phoned them (first time ever I phoned any kind of helpline) and did feel so much calmer and better for it.

Nothing I can add to what has already been said but you will get through this and this site is amazing for support, tips and even a giggle at times.

All my love to you from

Alanaa and Fat Cat xx

Hi mummytash

I have been where you are, so recently as in two weeks ago. Whatever is advised, you will be tempted to look on the internet to look up your symptoms. It is natural, we all have information to our hands and trying not to do it is like asking the sky to stop raining.

I found the best for me, was reading other ladies stories on here, who were also waiting for test results, while I did intially go into overdrive about my symptoms, I did my head in with the overload of information. What I wanted was real stories and here was where I found them.

The wait is purgatory, I agree, you’re in one place at one moment and your mind sends you back to worrying! However, you cannot change the day, the time will not go any quicker. I am still waiting, and I am three weeks in waiting for yet another test result. However, I am now resigned to sticking with the ladies on here and writing out my thoughts and feelings and that does help hugely for me. You will get through this time, I can guarantee that, if I wasn’t patient before I am now. If I allow the worry to overtake my day to day living, I would lose all sense of living and I don’t want that to happen.

Whatever your tests reveal, you’re in the right place, here and at the clinic for the news you’re so desperately awaiting. I don’t find out until a week on Monday, the last test being inconclusive.

Hugs and all of that to you.

Hi Mummytash,

Just wanted to say that I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been waiting for 10 days now, and my appointment at the clinic is this afternoon. I flit from one minute feeling completely normal, like i’m off to do my supermarket shop, so the next minute feeling like i’m just going to break down and cry because I am so utterly terrified.

I keep imagining coming home and telling my husband that everything was OK, nothing to worry about, and then every now again again my brain shouts “BUT WHAT IF IT ISN’T!!??”.

The best way that I have found to deal with it is to keep as busy as I possibly can. I’m self employed and work from home and have probably done more work in the last 10 days than i’ve done since CHristmas!!

Lots of luck and love xxx

Hi Mummytash,

There isn’t much to add, try to stay off google the ladies on here know what you are going through as we are all at different stages, This forum has kept me sane and answered a lot of questions that i didnt feel i could ask anyone else. My wait is nearly over now and i have my fingers crossed for you, i hope you get good news!


Wow thank you all so much for your kind replys iv done what what u all said stayed off google and kept my self busy my just got a new house so got loads to do cleaning etc befor moving so that’s going to keep me busy till Thursday. Also starryone please let me know how you got on today xtashax