Freaking Out

Freaking Out

Freaking Out Hi…

I have my appointment at the breast clinic on thursday. I have no clue what to expect, I cannot get through on the number provided on my letter i’ve been sent, they don’t give me much information other than banging on about what will happen if I don’t turn up for my appointment.

I don’t know what they are going to do, how long i’ll be there, whether or not i’ll get results the same day?

I do not know who to ask - when the doc referred me I was in too much of a state of shock to ask too many questions - i thought she was going to tell me it was just a swollen gland!!

I don’t want too many people to know so as not to worry them - i also have to make plans for childcare for my 3yr old.

As i’m under 35 i’ve read they won’t do a mammogram… so what will they do? i recall the doc talking about a sonar and FNA ?!

Please can someone help me answer some of these questions? I managed to block this out of my mind for the past 11 days, but now it’s around the corner and i’m soooo scared.

Just replied to your other post. Breast are usually too dense to be mammogramed well in the under 35’s so I would think they will probably do an ultrasound. Try your own surgery and explain you haven’t been able to get through to the breast clinic - maybe they will have another number. Explain you want to ask about how long you are likely to be there because of your son - I’m sure they’ll help.
Let us know how you get on.



I know it’s a very scary moment, but try to take one thing at the time…you will probably get an ultrasound scan, and maybe a mammogram too, if they think it is useful. Sometimes they give you the results right away, sometimes they make you wait because somebody has to analyse the results first. Then, maybe the same day, they should do a fine needle aspiration, this is quite a definitive test to know almost for sure whether a lump is cancerous or not. None of this things are painful really, so do not worry about that. What they can tell you is if there is a lump, how big it is, and from the FNA they will see whether there is a cancer, and what type of cancer it is. The results from the fna usually come in a few days (one day if they are very quickt!)
I know it is very difficult moment, don’t feel ashamed to ask your gp something to calm you down if you need it!
hope the results are negative!

my appointment today. Hi
I had my apointment today and I dont know how much they differ from hospital to hospital but all I can say is how my app went.
It was at 3.30 and when I got there I had 2 fill in a short questionaire and then was told to sit and wait. I waited for what seemed like years but infact was only 45 mins and then i was asked to channge into a gown, only on the top half. My boyf was not allowed through at this point, women only.
I then went back and sat with him and waited for my name to be called. This was about half hour later and i thought I was going to be called for a quick examination and then be told to sit back in the waiting room but infact The Dr asked me a few questios like when did I notice it, does it hurt etc. She then asked me to sit on the edge of a bed where she felt around. I had to put my arms in different positions and she felt under my armpits.
This was short and painless and I was asked to lie dow where again she examined me with my arms in different positions. There and then she gave me an ultrasound which I could see all of and once she was happy she done a biospy. In my case this was just to confirm nothing was wrong. The biospy was just a needle in the lump but I do have to say it was uncomfortable.
I was asked to put my gown back on and she said I would be called on friday (my letter said two weeks by post) with the results of the biopsy which in my case she thinks will come back ok.
That was it and I left.
Like I said I really have no experience with any of this and I am just explaining what happened with me incase it can be of some help. I dont know how quick results come back in different areas or if the whole procedure is different.

hope all goes well

FREAKING OUT I am under 35 too
at my appointment i was given a mammogram/ultrasound and FNA one after another. I was there just over an hour and a half
I then saw the Consultant who told me that it was cancer without even having the results from the fna -she said she could tell just by looking at the mammogram. That was on a friday
I was then given an appointment to come back and see her the following tuesday. FNA result back confirmed cancer cells. I was then given a surgery date for a fortnights time and told i would be having chemo followed by rads
Life turned upside down in a matter of weeks
I too was told by my gp that it was probably a cyst in my breast so was in shock too
Hopefully you will be given a breast care nurse to work with you and answer your questions -you will have lots and wont remember to ask them all at the same time. Be prepared for bruising if you have a FNA -I was rainbow covered!
Thinking of you and hope all goes well -I so understand and sympathise -i know what its like to be in your situation ( i also have a young son too)


dont panic!!1 Hi there
I was called back after a routine mommogram and it ended up that I dont have bc.This is a possibility you have to keep in mind.!!!It strikes me that once you are in the “system” you feel a whole heap better and really the old NHS is pretty damned good when the chips are down.You are not alone and we all know the stomach churning fear that you are experiencing.Thinking about you
love Lindaxx

Hi jools…

I’m so sorry that you had bad news… and thank you to everyone who has offered me advice… I am going to try the clinic again today and see if they can tell me more aswell…

I like to know everything in advance and hate the element of surprise…

Jools, how did your lump feel? i’ve since read that if the lump “jumps around” when pushed it’s a good sign as could indicate cyst or fibro - mine jumps around… am i building false hope?

I wish i could just keep this all pushed aside and deal with it when i get there, i’m not stupid i know there’s no definite answer until i get checked but I’m sure it’s human nature to try and convince ourselves it’s nothing…!

Thank you again for all your advice so far…


hi My lump was pretty much solid but felt more like a ridge than a lump. It was under the crease of my left boob which is apparently unusual. I orginally thought it was a ridge from wearing my bra too tightly
Hope you are feeling better

Love Jools

I’m in exactly the same situation. Appointment this Thursday at my breast clinic and they’ve told me nothing in advance, just got an appointment letter. Taking my mum with me. Hope everything goes ok for you too. I have a lump about the size of a cherry on the top of my breast above the nipple (which gets really bi when I am due my period so I am hoping it is just hormone related) and a solid feeling larger lump to the side. I’m only 27 so a youngster too.
Emma x

Hi Emma

What time is your appointment? I will be thinking of you!!! mine is at 09h05…

I have done further investigation and found out that it is a one stop clinic, so i should get results the same day…

how are you feeling?

I feel SICK to my stomach when i think of it… I seen my mum’s world completely change just like THAT… and am dreading the same thing happening…

at least you have your mum’s support!!

I have to go the appointment alone as hubby has to look after my 3 yr old… so am a bit nervous about that too…
does anyone have any questions that they could tell me to ask if it does turn out to be not good news… i want to go prepared… and write down a list of questions that i HOPE fully won’t need.

Emma… let me know how you get on tomorrow when you get back…

My appointment is at 915. After all of the mess the hospital made of my appointment (I should’ve gone last Thrusday but I was not told as the letter never arrived, and they “lost” my phone number) I’ve not wanted to give them any excuse to get any more messed up! My partner is working away and can’t get back until midday so I’m so glad my mum is able to come with me. Let me know how you get on - I’ll keep checking th forum. So glad of this website at the moment!

Emma x

Good Luck … for tomorrow hope all goes well. Let us know how things went.



Yes… i’m going to keep checking too… thanks Bev…

hope you manage to get some sleep tonight Emma… i’m dosing up on Rescue Remedy!!!

maybe i should have some wine too!!!

Hi Ajs, i had my appointment on the 6th of june this year, (had only found the lump the previous friday, went to the doctors on the monday, and got a phone call to go on the wednesday to the breast clinic) like you i really didn’t know what to expect, so i got there at my appointment time 9.30am, was called in straight away, the doctor examined my lump and told me he was very worried about it, i then had a mammogram, then an ultrasound scan, sat for about five minutes and was called in again, the doctor then confirmed i had breast cancer, he then did a biopsy, i had to wait half an hour for the results which confirmed what he had already said. since then i have had my first op, to remove some lymph nodes, then its back this friday for a masectomy and recon, after that i won’t know till i get the histology results on the 11th of july, this has been so fast, but please don’t do what i did, i went on my own that first day, please please take someone with you, i’m praying it will all be fine for you, but don’t go alone. i’m 44 years old by the way

let us know how you get on, all the best

lots of love and hugs


Hi Alison,

I’m really sorry that your news wasn’t good!! you seem as though you are really holding up though and gaining strength from somewhere to get through…
thank you too for advising me when you clearly have so much on your plate already…

Unfortunately i have no one to take with me… the only other person i could have possibly asked has just unfortunately had a death of a friend yesterday, and i couldn’t possibly ask them now…

If I knew how long it would be before i got results i could arrange for my husband to come through… but then he’d have our 3yr old with him…

I have just spent the last hour in floods of tears… i’m soooo scared that i feel like throwing up… no idea how i’ll get ANY sleep tonight thinking about this…
and now i’m feeling lumps everywhere… even on my collar bone… and i’m just in such a state…!

please tell me this is normal?

its very normal, i’ve been to hell and back, but i have to stay positive for myself and my family, and treatment is so good today, and hopefully you will be clear, have a glass of wine when the little one has gone to bed, and if you can remember the breathing excercises that you did when you had your little one, then try to do them, it really will help if you can relax a little, i was fine the night before i went, because i just thought it would have been mastiatis, but i was just unlucky in the lottery, please don’t be scared, the people on this site are so supportive regardless of what it is and we’re all here for you on here, talk to your husband, share your worries with him, you really do need to talk, its amazing how much it helps. and i’m sure he would hate you to feel this scared.

lots of love and hugs



I am overwhelmed with relief… I have the all clear… it is just a fat lobule!!! I have never been more pleased to have fat in my life!!!
The breast surgeon told me that it’s probably always been there, however, because i’ve recently lost quite a bit of weight, it made it more prominant and that’s why it seemed to just “appear!”

I sobbed like a baby when they told me what it was… then, walking to the ferry I sobbed for all those other woman sitting with me today who may not be as fortunate!!

I am going to be holding a stawberry tea afternoon for them, for you wonderful ladies, and for everyone else that unfortunately has been challenged with this Horrid disease.

Emma, I hope you had similar results… I’ll keep checking…

Thank you everyone for keeping me sane the past two weeks.


Yes I’m ok too, “prominent glandular tissue”. I had an examination then an ultrasound and the tissue just looked a bit swelled up. I’m resolved to do more work for Breast Cancer Charities now! I’m already involved with Breast Cancer Campaign as a volunteer and I’m having on of thier big BBQ’s in a few weeks time. Will certainly get involved with Breast Cancer Care now.

Glad you are ok!

Emma x

I am so happy that your test was negative, please, please. always examine your breasts, and any doubts, then go and be tested, i know its worried you sick, but you’ll be fine and just have a lovely happy life with your husband and child

all the best, now and always