free/almost new 38f royce wirefree bra.

Hi all,
Whilst having a sort of bras that I have bought & discovered “still not suitable” -(most have been de-wired ,hacked about and thrown) I have one almost new if anyone could use it.
It is on the royce website to see picture, radiance/comfort/style576 . white.
I would be happy to post it (within uk) to anyone it may fit rather than throw it away.

Not my size but thanks for the offer!

Kind thought - pity it;s not 36 D! Thanks anyway x

A bra exchange!!!

what a good idea. I’ve bought loads which didnt fit after all.

hey violetta

Just wish it was my size (green with envy lol) but alas only 36c


maybe this is an idea for the new web site?? an exchange area… like many others i have bought things that were not good for me - i am a 36E and i must have had weird chest to begin with - always hard to find the right bras!

plus… i have a chillow which i will not be parted from at the moment but i know one day i won’t need it… i got rid of anything low because i had a mastectomy without recon…all those tops…and if we can recycle then i think we should?



How about setting up something like freecycle where you can advertisise thing you have and people can have them for free I know I have 3 wigs that when my hair is back I sure as hell dont want to wear again I know some women put these on ebay and donate the proceeds to charity


there is a wig bank thing… maybe we need to email BCC?

For your old wigs!