Free Prescriptions

Just reading the thread about free prescriptions for cancer patients and it seems that if you are having treatment for conditions caused by treatment, you will be entitled to free prescriptions. Seems like lymphoedema may qualify for this and it applies to all prescriptions, not just cancer related.
A good bit of news I think!

Make sure you all get down to your GP to sign up!

I’m making an appt with my GP! When I started my treatment I bought a pre pay card but it runs out in March so this is great timing. Also 1 of my compression gloves has holes in the seams. my BC nurse says I can only have new ones every 6 months so will ask GP for p/c for new ones once I’m signed up. I presume this means I’ll get free p/cs until I’m 60 as I have a life long condition?

That’s the impression I get althought the details are still a bit unclear. Let me know how you get on!