Free wigs?

Me again…

Do you get any wigs or anything from the hospital? Or do you have to buy your own?..

Poannie x

Hi Poannie,

I live in the south west and my hospital contributes one hundred pounds towards a wig.

Not sure if thats the same everywhere or if other hospitals have a different treatment.

We have a wonderful shop in Plymouth called “Browns” and they help you choose and fit/trim the wigs for you.

Good luck

Hi Poannie

Just answered on your other post. But re wigs I think the NHS prescription charge is about £57 but I know a few ladies on this site have said if you buy a private one you can get some back so I have asked my Onc Nurse to look into this. Don’t know if anyone can help you further. Best of luck.

Take care



I got a prescription for an NHS wig from my oncologist, so that one cost me nothing. I then brought my own one from ‘Trendco’ which was VAT free! (I live in Shropshire),



THe wig lady isn’t apparently around at the moment where I go, but get £40 refund on any wig I buy as long as take receipt in. Think all areas are different, as some seem to get lots more. I am in Essex. Mine was also VAT free.

Good luck

I too am in Essex. Was given a prescription for a wig. Charge was £57 think could have gone up to £200 with them paying differance. I got 1 for £108 so they were lucky.

You are entitiled to 2, so 1 can be worn whilst other is being washed. The appliance dept for Barking Havering don’t like to tell you this, but it is your right.

Jules x

Hi Jules

Think I will look into this more next session, as could do with a spare wig, might ask them if it is an option to have another one, although don’t get as much as you. Strange how they all have different ways and costs.


Hi, I am with Barking & Havering as well (King Georges hosp) and was not aware that I could get any help with a wig! I have bought one that cost almost 200 quid and now I can’t get it to sit on my head properly, I wouldn’t mind but it fitted perfectly in the shop and I had all my hair when I tried it on - bloody typical! so now it just sits on it’s stand in my bedroom and each night, without fail, I jump 6 foot into the air thinking there is a stranger in the room, I’m definately going a bit mad.

Tracy xx


Mine cost £200 as well, although getting my use out of it. Tracy does yours not have the bit at the back where can adjust the size to fit your head? Still feels weird, but getting use to it, although ready to remove by end of day I have to say. Can’t you take back it back to the shop and see what they say?


There should be velcro at the back that adjusts as Dawn points out. King Georges appliance dept are a nightmare you would think it was their money you were spending, thay certainly don’t like to fork out for 2 wigs. I am having chemo at Queens. I found wig before I got prescription letter and phoned chemo nurses to ask how long before letter would come because wanted to buy wig there & then. I was told to buy it keep the receipt and hand the receipt to Donna Hurley (mcmillam officer at Queens) who would get a refund minus the £57. Am still waiting but she did say it would take 3 weeks. PALS on the ground floor at Queens will verify your rights.

It seems this whole wig business is a guarded secret. My chemo nurse first refered me for the wig by way of letter to the appliance dept at King georges.

Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on


Hi Jules I live in Scotland and was told to go to a lovely hair salon in Edinburgh I chose one from the Raqual Welch range it is lovely its got the scalp on it that looks like a scalp. Its a blonde bob I didnt pay a penny for mine and it was £175 I got mine before my hair fell out and when it started to go I went back with my new wig and they shaved my head and she trimmed my wig to the style I wanted so I was very happy I think its like a post code lottery depending on where you live. I have heard of ladies on here having to pay the full amount for their wig. I do hope you get sorted with yours I dont need mine now as my hair is coming in lovely its still short but nice I finished treatment 6 weeks ago so I am feeling well now. I hope your treatment goes as quick as mine You Take Care Love Linda xxx

Hi Poannie,

I’m being treated in Leicester, I got my wig (which I’ve never worn - doesn’t feel right, I go with scarves instead) from the hospital wig dept, and it was free as I have a medical exemption card for prescriptions (for a pre-existing condition, not BC)

Ask your breast care nurse or oncology dept how it works where you are. If you want to try scarves ethnic type shops are good for square cotton ones, or has been recommended elsewhere on this website - I haven’t bought, but there is a big selection



Thanks for all your info, I certainly am going to make further enquiries as to getting some help with the cost of the wig - I would be pleased to get the 57.00 to be honest.

I will have another go at putting the wig on, it is adjustable but I think I just got a in a bit of a lather when it wouldn’t sit properly. I did start to feel sorry for myself - which I always try not to do - and gave up after one or two attempts.

This may make you laugh - when a friend first saw me in my buffwear bandana on Sunday, she told me if I put on some weight I’d look like the lady from the Tom & Jerry cartoons, I think it was supposed to be funny.

Love to you all,

Tracy xx

i got two from my hospital for 57.00 each. Then paid 20.00 to have them restyled at a wig specialist (Jim at EJ Cutting rooms, Basingstoke, Hampshire is fab)
I didn’t qualify to get them for free but was happy to get them for the above price. Feel happier now they are cut to a style that suits me -sat in the chair with it on my head and they cut it
I have missed my regular hair cuts so it was a lovely treat


I am treated in Swindon, Wiltshire. I was referred to a lovely hairdressers who deals with all the ladies from our local hospital. I had lots of choice upto a certain value. I was told the one i chose was the most expensive NHS one i could have (apparently £180.00) it was all free, the fitting session and then picking up the wig the only cost was £10.00 for a headstand for the wig. I think our area are very lucky and the service was excellent.

Gaynor p