Freezing Eggs and Treatment

Hiya ladies

I’m 28, was dx almost 5 weeks ago… had a mastectomy and all lymphs cleared 3 weeks ago. I’m awaiting chemo. I saw the Onc last week and I was overwhelmed with the facts/figures/stats/may be’s/could be’s/pros/cons, etc., I’m sure you all know what I’m on about!!! I was told that it will be all FEC but I still don’t know when it will all start, and how long it will last (it was estimated either 4 months or 7 months!!!) Eeek!!

I’ve seen a fertility consultant today who said that I could have some eggs frozen (and again, I was bombarded with facts/figures/stats/maybe’s/could be’s/pros/cons). Has anyone had their eggs frozen? If so, could you give me some (non-medical-consultant-speak) enlightenment?

My head is in a spin with all of this decision making.

AM xxxxx


I am sure you will receive plenty of information and advice from other users, but whilst you are waiting for responses, I thought I would post you the link to our factsheet on fertility issues in case you handn’t seen it.

It contains lots of useful information on the issues and you may find it a helpful read. Here’s the link:

It can be downloaded from the site or you can order a copy if you’d prefer.

Kind regards.


hi AM, welcome to our madhouse, afraid I can’t help re the eggs bit but just wanted to say hello and I’m sure someone will be about who can help…I’ve nearly finished my chemo now with just one more to go - yahhhhh - once you get it started it flies and isn’t as worrying…take care, mary x

Hiya i am 32 and have two babies already. The consultant i spoke to said i could have my eggs removed and frozen if i liked but it would involve giving me hormones to make me ovulate. Obviously as my cancer is oestrogen positive i asked him if this could stimulate more cancer cells. He said that there was a chance and he could not give me any certainties. I have had 3 pregnancies in 3 years and i asked if all these hormones and the fact i have breast fed for so long inbetween could have fed the cancer and he said yes, the hormones would have been very high.

Not a nice thing to be told. He said i could have part of my ovary removed with eggs in it and that could be frozen for the future. I dont think that involved hormones now. I felt, honestly, neither were good for me despite desperatly wanting another baby but the part of the ovary removed treatment sounded better hormone/cancer risk wise.

sorry, but long winded!