Frequent colds

Frequent colds

Frequent colds Hi Everyone

Has anyone else suffered from frequent colds this winter? I managed to escape catching colds during treatment, which finished in December 04. Had nothing last winter but have had one cold after another since last October. Nothing major (viral infections according to GP) but just very annoying. Someone only needs to cough or sneeze in my direction and bingo!! I’m assuming ones immune system continues to be compromised even after treatment has ended?

Jo x

Jo suggest you take a fishoil supplement, slow release Vitamin C and a zinc supplement daily until early summer to help your immune system deal with all the winter bugs. Best wishes, dilly

Immune system. Hi Jo

I’ve heard it can take several years for your body to fully recover from treatment - much the same as physical symptoms of stress often don’t show up until a few years after the stressful experience.

Echinacea is a very effective immune-system booster but research has shown it works only while you are actually taking it. You can get it in tablet form or as a tea. I tried the tablets one winter and escaped all colds - normally I catch everything that is going.

Lola x

Thanks for the advice Dilly and Lola. Looks like I’ll be off to the chemist tomorrow to stock up on the recommended remedies!!

Jo x

Another thing to try is Vicks First Defence - so far I’ve staved off two colds with it. Amazing stuff!

Hello Josie

Found your posting really interesting - as that’s what happened to me! I thought it useful to share this as what I found out gives a different perspective on getting colds/viral infections post chemo and treatment.

My homeopath says that getting a cold is a GOOD thing as it now shows that your immune system is working. Sounds odd I know as one would expect the complete opposite. During chemo your immune system is not functioning properly meaning that you do not get the normal cold and flu symptoms. It doesn’t necessarily mean the virus isn’t in you but that you are not reacting to it.

I had two colds - one lasting over a week some months after my chemo and radio, demonstrating that it can take a while for your body to ‘get back to normal’ - I heard quotes of 6 months to a year or more and post-treatment ‘symptoms’ can take months to come on - like getting colds or being more tired now than immediately post treatment (like me).

Doesn’t answer your questions but an interesting take on it I hope!

Morgan xxx

Hi Morgan

Thanks for your interesting reply. It’s refreshing to hear different takes on the subject! I’m hoping that my current cough and cold will be the last one of this winter and maybe the cold weather we are currently experiencing will kill all the bugs off once and for all!

Jo x