Frequent dizziness on tamoxifen?

Hello Ladies,

I have a question and I always get good advice here. Just a bit of info first. I had BC was diagnosed March 2017. I had a mastectomy, Chemotherapy, and Radiation. Chemo ended at the end of November and radiation ended at the middle of January 2018. I began Tamoxifen on November 28th and had many side effects, from bone pain, joint aches (both still going on), weird dreams as well as could cry if a gentleman dropped his hat. These were just as few. Most all se’s started together, but there were a few stragglers. The one that started in early February was dizziness and blurred vision. It would happen about every two weeks about once. The blurred/double vision stopped, but the dizziness has persisted and increased to about once or twice a week. My ears also tend to pop or ring right before I get the dizziness. I also noticed that my ears are more stuffy feeling lately. I don’t have pain in my ears or head. I have not had any nausea either.

By-the-way, I had a brain MRI just two months before the dizziness started due to twitching eyes and head pains from Taxotere during the end of chemotherapy. The MRI was clear, Praise be to God!

So, I would appreciate any experiences, support, or insight

Thanks to all and Happy Mother’s Day


Hi, I’m sorry you’ve not had a reply, I’m currently on a Tamoxifen break but I took them for 2.5 years and did suffer with blurry vision initially and times of lightheadedness. I took Venlafaxine along side it which kept a lot of SE at bay so I got off pretty lightly, my biggest issue was with my joints, in particular my knees which is why I’m not taking them at the moment.


Great news that your MRI was clear but it’s still hard not to worry as know, maybe have a chat with your Oncologist and see if they can offer an advice or a change of meds. 


All the best Jo xx 

Thanks Jo,
I appreciate your response. I also get the join/bone and muscle aches. It’s more tolerable than this dizziness.

Checking in on this forum has help to quiet my mind at times. I’m thankful for all the ladies here, though I wish it were a site for sharing recipes and NOT BC

Thanks again


Thanks ladies for your responses. The dizziness seems to have eased a bit but nog completely gone. I believe I’m on the mend. Thanks again.