Frightened and overthinking

Hi hope you don’t mind me posting in here. My mum was told she had breast cancer last week and we are still going through testing so in that scary stage of not having a diagnosis yet. Luckily she’s not tech savvy so doesn’t go on the Internet which I’m glad of as everything i read scares me more!!
She’s obviously worried and over thinks everything for the worst, she’s concerned they only do ct scan because they think it’s spread and we aren’t sure how common ct scans are as testing for breast cancer. She had lymph node testing yesterday and ct scan is on Thursday and we have a meeting with consultant Friday. We are all scared as she has had a mammogram every year since the age of 50 (shes54 now) and this has grown really big since the last one. Petrified is an under statement hoping we will.feel better with a treatment plan.


I’m really sorry to hear about your mum’s diagnosis. I know she will be very grateful for your strength to help her through this - I was diagnosed in August and my kids have (just about!) kept me sane.

Please don’t worry too much about the CT scan - it doesn’t necessarily mean that anything else is wrong and I think they are quite usual when you have been diagnosed. I had a CT and a bone scan the week I was diagnosed as my lymph nodes were affected so they wanted to check it hadn’t spread further, and they were both clear and fine.

The waiting really is the worst, so at least it isn’t too long until she sees the consultant. I hope everything goes well.


We’ve just had a call cancelling her consultant appointment friday now moving it to the Friday after. They say this is because of only having the lymph node testing Monday and they say they won’t have results in time. This has scared mum even more as she’s desperate to know treatment plan

Hi fergal
i had the same today. my oncologist appointment was cancelled today aswell and my CT scan results wasnt ready. I had worked myself up to finally getting results, as worried as i am, also to hear my treatment plan to. I was mortified to be honest. Now i have to wait another week! I know how she feels
jo x

Hi feral

Thought id say Hi as I too am on here due to my mum being diagnosed today. We have biopsy and a lymph node aspirate result and are waiting for the CT scan which is awful.
My mums lump seemed big too. Is grade 3 though so I’m guessing it’s moved fast. I understand your mum over-thinking everything as that is exactly what I do!

We’ve had all testing now, no diagnosis of grade etc but she’s had her appointment for Friday next week although been told that it may be brought forward if results come back quicker. We know the lumps pretty big so it’s scaring us plus it’s grown pretty quick. I’m going through waves of being positive and then falling apart and dreading the news.

Does your mum not have breast biopsy results yet? I’m like that - keep panicking about the CT scan results and she hasn’t got appt for it yet. Worrying that the tumour is going to get so much bigger before chemo.

No no results at all yet she had first biopsy on 5th, node testing on 10th and ct on 13th. It scares me that they haven’t given her anything yet and we know the tumors big but they said results weren’t bk and they need all results first. I see on here some people go straight in for surgery before all results so worrying they haven’t done anything with her yet. She’s desperate to start treatment and just wants to start the fight.

Hi, my surgeon told me that bc seems fast…and feels like its spreading all over you when you’re diagnosed,  but in the time between your tests and starting treatment it isnt going anywhere. He said they dont grow that fast and to try not to fret too much. even the fast ones.

He didnt have a sense of humour and was very calm. So I was convinced.  Still scared witless and wanting to get on with it now… but convinced. 

They test everything to get the best plan for your mum. Then they review it as a group and agree on the best way to kick its butt. (I may have paraphrased a little there…)

Sending you love and hugs for you both. Xxx its not easy waiting,  we’re here waiting with you. 

They need the lymph node and biopsy results ready together to take to a Mulitdisciplinary meeting (MDT) to decide best course of action. These meetings are usually once per week in the hospitals and then they send report to requesting consultant who then gets in touch. It’s good she had CT already as I’m sure you’ll be straight on with treatment. My mums biopsy was 3 weeks ago and we have results but now waiting for CT before beginning chemo.
How are they certain its cancer without results? From the scan alone?

Sorry to butt in here- I’m confused and hope someone can help? I had biopsies done almost 3 weeks ago, consultant said what she saw on the ultrasound was consistent with cancer, I go back on Tuesday and the letter says it may be necessary to do further “specialist x-rays”. Will they wait for these to be analysed before they tell me if I have cancer or is it probable that they will be able to tell me on Tuesday? Or do they get to see what they need on these x-rays straight away? I don’t know if I can stand waiting much longer for a diagnosis. 3 weeks has already been too long. It’s just that I read the comment about needing CT and biopsy, then a meeting before anything is decided.

Hi rosemaryanne

The comment about the specialist X-rays is standard i think. My mums letter said that but she never needed any. In most instances they can tell you from your biopsy. I think in most cases the CT scan comes later, if needed. My mum is having aCT scan as she has to start chemo first as its in lymph node. They know this as they took a needle aspirate same time as biopsy as they saw it was swollen. If they hadn’t, then they may have gone for lumpectomy and checked the lymph nodes out at the same time. Then decided on CT if they felt necessary. Not everyone has a CT they told me. Hope that makes sense. Xx

By the sounds of all the posts I’ve read (and as I panic so much I’ve read a lot) everyone’s testing is different. They said my mum needed needle biopsy (to which they said straight away there’s cancer cells in the fluid they took) then she had another biopsy on same day, a node biopsy a week later and they said she will have a ct scan although may not be before consultant meeting, just happened they managed to fit her in. We are now waiting for results and so scared, she wants to start the fight asap we are all just hoping it hasn’t spread

Hi rose if your biopsys have been done I think you’ll know a result Tuesday x Good luck in be thinking of you hope you get good news

Ive had my results in dribs and drabs. Had a biopsy of the lump during ultrasould then went back a couple of days later for results. Told me 3cm stage 2. Need chemo then surgery. Went for blood tests. Then following week mammogram and armpit ultra sound. A node showed up so had a biopsy of that. Went back a couple of days for results of that. No cancer detected. Was told my cancer is her2 and it will respond well to chemo. Going to shrink the lump then operate. Got to have an SNB aswell. Since then ive had a chest xray, CT scan and MRI both breast. Doc said its better to do all the tests then not enough. I have an appointment woth the oncologist on wednesday where im Gonna be whacked with all the results im guessing and whay treatment is ahead. Not sure if i can handle more bad news if any.

We haven’t been told stage, treatment plan or anything yet. Just hoping she can start treatment asap, each day she’s not getting treated the more mum is panicking. Really hope it hasn’t spread to lymph nodes but on first examination doctor said they were inflamed which is worrying

That makes lots of sense rose, wise words x

Hi rose thinking of u and hoping you get good results today x

Hi fergal-jay,

The waiting is the worst part for all of us ladies who have been where your mum is now. She is lucky in the sense that she has such a caring daughter by her side. I drew a lot of strength from my own daughter when I was diagnosed, and it made all the difference to how I felt as I went through treatment. I wish your mum well in whatever treatment she receives. Remember to take care of yourself too!

Sending big hugs, Ann x x x

Thanks Ann we have appointment friday to find out diagnosis and treatment plan