Frightened and overwhelmed.

Hi, I have been diagnosed with secondaries in my left ribs and have had pleural effusions, chest drains etc. My treatment has been delayed until I have recovered from an infection. Being told you have something that is now not curable but controllable is overwhelming. I vere from being positive to thinking I’m going to die. Can someone just give a ray of light. I know people can live well with it under control, I just want to convince myself it’s going to be me. Thank you for reading this. 

Hello Jane, 

Just wanted to say I know how you feel. It’s all overwhelming, isn’t it? 

There is lots of support on this website. I am not long diagnosed with secondaries myself (March) so don’t feel in a position to best help. Hang on in there.

Angel Eyes x

Hi Jane , I do know how you feel I was diagnosed with breast cancer 1999 .Was in remission for 18 years .I was devastated to find out , it had returned 3 years ago. To be told it’s incurable, was so hard to take in , just thought well that’s it .Three years on am doing well ,so many new treatments out there .My oncologist says , it may not be curable , but definitely treatable .Hope this helps xx

Hi Jane,

Sending a big hug, it is really frightening and totally overwhelming when you get that secondary diagnosis.

There are lots of people who have been living with this disease for a long time - I’ve had several stories shared to me by friends who know someone else in their social circle who have been living with secondaries for many, many years.  Lots of positive stories here on the forum too :slightly_smiling_face:   You hang onto that ray of light - my Oncologist told me from the beginning that mindset plays a big part in how people get on xxx