frightened of persistent cough


I always read threads but havnt posted for quite some time, but I am going mad.

I am a year post chemo for secondary cancer to gland behind stermum had 6 FEC which finished this time last year and was extremely successful ONC was very very pleased. I have also been on zometa for a year. What I want to ask is does anyone out there have a persistent cough, sore throat on and off and voice going with zometa.

I had a follow up CT scan a few months ago and they said everything was fine but Im still having this cough Ive told me ONC each time I go and they do not seem to be bothered they keep putting down to acid reflux (which I suffer chronically with). Last week I had enough and phoned my Onc nurse up she said she thought it was stress as Ive gone back to work and am not coping with it.

Should I be worried I have my tumor markers done every 4 weeks and they say that they are okay, should I just trust my team Help girls