Frightenned of outcome

hello- I hope someone can offer some reassurance as i@m goingout of my mind with worry -  im 43 with h/o fibroadenomas and cysts since my 20’s. All have been ok, I have dense lumpy breasts usually. Had two mammograms since 2015, all ok. Ultrasounds and biopsies in the past all ok. I have had 3 rounds of IVF since 2015, the last in August which resulted in pregnancy but  miscarried at 9 weeks. Just before christmas discovered a large very painful lumpy mass on side of left breast, nipple was discharging an orangey spontaneous discharge. Sent for U/s and radiologist said it all looked ok, aspirated a cyst, it contained blood, but didnt seem concerned. Saw consultant after Christmas and explainned the discharge was still occuring as well as pain, so was sent for an MRI and now awaiting results. Im so scared. The discharge has turned an almost rusty color and is there everyday and now I have a dull pain underneath the breast, in my ribs as if my bra is too tight (but its not). Theres no h/o breast cancer on my maternal side, paternal grandmother had b/c. Has anyone had this happen and been ok ?? Thank you in advance

hi lilneenz,
Welcome to the forum, but sorry to see you are having an anxious time. It is always so difficult waiting for results.
Are you in the UK? as the usual processes here in the IK are slightly different to what you describe.
Thankfully, from what you say no concerns were raised by the US & you have had an mri.
Of all the things it can be, bc is the least likely, but you do need a definite answer about what is going on.
Let us know whar happens.
ann x

Thanks for your reply it’s really reassuring to talk to others. Yes, I’m in Kent in the UK.
I’m going in tomorrow to see the consultant so I’m hoping they will have the MRI results. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi. Just seen your post and wondering how you got on? Best wishes. Xx

Hi. I’m so sorry to hear all that. Maybe it might help reading the benign breast disease publication on this website. I had a good read earlier on in my journey. Waiting is tough and I really hope you get good news on Friday. We are here for you whatever the outcome. There are many very inspirational ladies on this forum.
My very best wishes to you.

Hi. The “p4” … is that referring the the radiologists grading birads grading system? Where did you read about it?

In November 2015 I was graded a birads 4a on one of my suspect areas and a birads 3 on a lump and it all biopsied OK. I had 10 samples taken via vacuum assisted biopsy using mammogram on groups of microcalcifications and core needle biopsy (3 samples) using ultrasound on the lump. But I needed a year check up as I was told in my case the characteristics could change and the mass get bigger which is exactly what happened and is why I’m back on here a year later as the mass was given a higher risk of cancer this time. I had surgery under general anesthetic last Wednesday in order that as much as possible of the area could be removed and properly biopsied. My surgeon just before going into theatre said it would take 3 to 4 weeks for pathology results.(OMG!!) So here I am waiting!! I’m 51 by the way with very dense boobs and adenosis, fibrocystic disease. I’ve been screened 2 yearly since I was about 46 as my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in her mid to late 40’s.

Try not to Google as there is alot of out of date and misleading information out there. Best to stick to this site and macmillan.

I really hope you get your results on Friday and all is OK and if it’s not I’ll say what others have said to me both last year and again this year. You have been screened regularly so if it is bad news it will have been found early and be very treatable.

I know waiting is really tough but we are here for each other to keep each other going!!
Best wishes.

Hi poppy thank you again for your message and I’m sorry that hear you’ve been through so much and have the dreaded wait too !

The letter said current status left outer quadrant 3cm p4 lump - I read about the scaling system for lumps on this website in another forum with P1 being normal p2 benign p3 uncertain probably benign, p4 probably malignant and p5 malignant. I’m “guessing” this is what the consultant thinks based on all the tests - have googled all the terminology just to understand - couldn’t really work out the mri report meant where it’s says annular enhancement bilaterally ??

Thank you for all of your support and it’s really helpful to read about your history which is very similar to mine - did you have any discharge from nipple ??

Once again thank you for taking your time to reply and support me - good luck with your results too :slight_smile: xx

And I’m here for you too to support you xxxxx

Take a look at this link. I realise it is American but the birads system is used worldwide and originated in America. My radiologist told me that birads category 4 has between roughly a 3% and 95% risk of malignancy and now gets spit between a, b and c to try and demonstrate the risk further.

I’m sorry I can’t help with that mri statement except I believe Bi lateral means both breast.

I haven’t had any outward symptoms except occasional pain but I never thought twice about it and I was being screened every 2 years anyway.

Start writing down questions as you think of them for both scenarios whether good or bad news. For instance if it’s good news will you have a follow up? If so when? 6 months, a year?

Only 2 sleeps to go which I know will go very slowly.
Thank you for your support too. I’m trying to not think about the results as I know I’ve got 2 to 3 weeks still to go. I try and stay positive and tell myself it will be okay and if it’s not I will do what needs to be done and be OK like the lovely ladies on here.
Stay in touch and dont hesitate to post or private message. I remember Nov 2015 when I got my recall letter, subsequent digital mammograms / ultrasound and biopsies and all the waiting inbetween and I then waited a month over Xmas for my results! It was much worse actually first time round than this time even though I’ve now had a quadrantectomy (quarter of my breast tissue removed.)
I feel I’m being well looked after and have excellent support here by people at various stages in their “journey.”
Big hug.

BTW. I had a small fibroadenoma removed 20 years ago as well… almost to the month!! It was removed as the biopsy result was un certain. It was re biopsied after removal and was benign.

Been waiting 9 long days for my hospital appointment, and tomorrow’s the day! Can’t wait to get it over with. My paperwork says it is a three hour appointment, and I will be given results and a way forward. All sounds good to me, but a bit different from what I am reading on this site. I have my appointment at the RVI in Newcastle. Any one else had  this? 


Best of luck today and i hope its not too traumatic. Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes 





Glad you are feeling a little better today. Ive still got 2-3 weeks until my results but back at hospital on Monday for a check up, maybe have my stitches out.

Stay in touch. Best wishes.


Nina, wishing you well for tmw. Let us know how you get on. Xx

Annie, hope you got on OK today. Xx

Sorry to hear your news. I guess it will take sometime to sink in properly. Sending you a big hug aswell and I hope you are able to get some sleep tonight.

Very hard telling your sons. Try and enjoy your holiday and get some rest. You know where we are.
Best wishes

Nina, thinking of you.

Hi Nina, I’m so sorry to hear that. It must be a massive shock and will take a while to come to terms with. It sounds like it has been caught early and getting such a quick date for surgery must be scary but I suppose it will give you less time to worry about it. I’ve been chatting this week on a post with ladies who have had very recent mastectomies and one is still in hospital. It’s in the “I am just diagnosed” section and then DCIS/LCIS and the post title is DCIS- confusing information.
Again, inspirational chat that I’m sure you will find helpful.

And I’m sure there are many other recent posts too.

Take it easy and give yourself time to take it all in.
Big hug
Poppy. Xx



Sending you a hug, it will take time for this to sink in and you need to allow yourself that time. 


Poppyfields suggestion of the other thread might be of help to you, as with all the ladies on here they will provide you with loads of support.


Remember that we are all here for you not matter what, if you want to rant, cry, anthing xxx


There is also the helpline if you feel that you want to talk to someone I have heard a lot of ladies say on here that they have found it invaluable.


Helena xxx

Thank you so much for your lovely message Helena. It means so much to me right now. I have a very supportive husband but the support on here has really helped the last few days.

I know this is the start of my journey and there’s a tough road ahead, but reading all these inspirational stories is helping me to feel positive. It’s as if the fear comes in waves and having my son to worry about is in the forefront of my mind. I can’t bear the thought of leaving him behind. I never imagined being here, but I’m so thankful for this forum.

Nina xxx

Hi Nina - sorry to hear your news but I just want to send some positivity. I too was diagnosed when Invasive Ductal Carcenoma 2.5cm lump in left breast in Dec - MRI showed other small areas - I too have a pain under my rib cage! Wind on to this week I have had a mastectomy and feel so much better. They have also said twice my lymph nodes look normal on scan (they’ve obviously tested them at surgery which is routine) and get results first week in March. The rib pain is gone now so whether the lump was just causing resistance on other tissue I don’t know but certainly no concerns on MRI etc. I expect I’ll need radiotherapy due to the extra little bits they found but was all contained within the breast. IDC is the most common breast cancer and I feel very positive. I opted for immediate reconstruction following mastectomy with an implant and really happy i did - I am bruised at the moment as expected but getting easier each day. Keep positive and here if you need a chat x