From a lump to bisposy to CT Scan before diagnosis

My GP referred me to breast clinic as I had lump on right breast plus pain underarm and breast changing shape. Within 2 weeks I had been seen at breast clinic for exam, mammogram, ultrasound and several biopsies

Called back today for blood to be taken and have CT Scan of thorax, pelvis and abdomen next week plus biopsy results


Obviously worried sick but has anyone else had all this before a diagnosis? Is this normal?

Hi Minniem,

I’m sorry to hear you’re worried about this.

If you’d like to give our breast care nurses a call to talk through the tests you’ve been having, you can reach them on 0808 800 6000.

Take care,

Becca at Breast Cancer Care.

Thanks I think I might call them this afternoon and see what they say
Has diagnosis and it is cancer but do not know anything else yet