From Anastrazole to Exemestrane

I’ve been on Anastrazole for 6 months and met with oncologist last week and complained of stiff joints.  She gave me a prescription for Exemestrane instead and told me take nothing for 6 weeks to clear it out of my system.

I know it’s only been a week but my joints are still as stiff as ever.  Has anyone else switched AI’s and how long did it take for joint pain to go? 

Was Exemestrane any better?  Now wondering if I’m taking a risk staying off all drugs for 6 weeks and maybe should have tried taking Magnesium first.  Glucosamine didn’t do much for me.


i was put on letrozol initially and my joints were very painful I suffer from arthritis anyway so it was awful!  The consultant has moved me to extremestrane and I am a month in. The joint pain is a bit better, although night sweats and hot flushes are as bad. It may be a bit too soon to judge I guess. I wasn’t told to have a break before changing. Good luck!


I  am on my 4th Drug!

I started on Anastrazole and lasted about 3 months as the onc didn’t like  all the side effects   I waited a week and went on to exemestane…many se’s  improved, others remained. 

When I had to travel long-haul I asked for a ‘holiday’ as movement was still poor and the real holiday would have been a nightmare.  It took nearly 3 months for the hot flushes to go on my’ holiday’. I then went on  to Tamoxifen afterwards (was told not to go long haul on it because of the blood clot risk) . It was goodish but again she didn’t like some of my se’s , so now on last chance saloon of letrozole! It’s OK, but am now on vit D/calcium because of the ravages of the AI’s!

I am afraid I have never really lost  lost the stiff joints, but at least  I can run upstairs again instead of hauling myself up as I did on the first 2 and the pain is not so bad. I can tap dance again! (nearly gave it up on anastrazole as ankles seized up)