From biopsy to treatment how long?

Hi Im hoping someone can give me some practical advice/ tell me how long is usual between biopsy taking and actually getting a treatment plan and treatment.


I have been back to the hospital two weeks running being told I would get a treatment plan only to be told I cant have one yet.  Once was due to a cyber attack on the hospital which meant I got my biopsy results confirming cancer but the team had not been able to meet to decide my treatment plan


The following week I returned again to be told the team want MRI and CT scans done before choosing treatment plan they want to know if it is lobular or ductal first.


While I am happy with the lovely BCN and staff I have met Im getting worried that I seem to be getting no closer to actually having some treatment to stop the cancer growing etc.


getting scared actually so trying to find out what kind of timescale is normal


Andrea XXX

Hi Andrea

On the 31st October I had an ultrascan and and mammogram and they confirmed that it was breast cancer.
They also done a biopsy as they found a suspicious lymph node, it has since been confirmed that it is cancerous so I start Chemotherapy on Nov 17th. So for me it’s all happened very quickly.

Hi Andrea

I think the worse part is the waiting. I was diagnosed in May and had surgery at the end of June, so it was about 6 weeks. I, like you, had an MRI in between those dates because it was lobular and they wanted to check that it wasn’t in the other breast. So this slowed the process down. It was worth the wait because they need to know exactly what they are dealing with. My cancer was grade 3 so I’ve also just been through chemo and then start rads next week. There was again approximately 6 weeks between surgery and start of chemo because your body needs some time to heal.

Hope this helps x