From positive and smiling to terrified and confused

Hi I’m not new to the forum. I’ve actually been guided by you lovely ladies for months and have learnt a lot from understanding the medical terms to knowing to expect blue wee! So thank you all for that. Until recently I’ve coped so well. Diagnosed in April. 23mm ER+ HR negative no lymph node involvement on scan. I was perfect consultant told me for a trial of 2 hormone drugs that would shrink and stop tumour spreading. More monitoring would be involved and biopsies along the way. This gave me breathing space which I wanted as my daughter was about to give birth in 8 weeks time, first grandchild.  I wanted it to be her time not mine. So I popped the pills each day, carried on working and had very little SE so all good. Tumour shrunk and then 3 weeks ago surgery happened it went well. Results came surgeon said clear margins in breast but one of two lymph nodes involved. All along they have said it’s unlikely I would need chemo and this is thought after the big meeting to discuss me is still the case, but now more radiotherapy on armpit too. I was a bit down about node involvement but got used to the idea and accepted it was still as I was told good news. Yesterday I was totally shocked to find in a letter which has gone to GP that the tumour which started at grade 2 is now grade 3! Tried to call BN but was told they would ring back and I’m still waiting. So sorry for the long explanation but actually feel better already writing this all down. My husband has been amazing but looked so worried when I today him. Love to all x

Hi Nellie. Glad that you have found support here and hoping you will get more. Things do often change on this journey we are on.

They only really get the full picture after surgery when they have removed things. So now they know your tumour WAS grade 3 and not grade 2. But just remember it has gone and clear margins were achieved!!

This whole journey causes us to worry but be confident in your team and know that they are giving you the best treatment necessary for you.

Hope you get to speak to your BCN soon and feel better xxc