From Tamoxifen to Letrozole

I have been for my 2nd yearly check and Mammoram today.  I have been taken off Tamoxifen and told to take a drug called Letrozole.  The surgeon said that this may cause some joint pain!!! But to go with it for 3 or 4 months to see how it goes.


Has anyone made this switch and if so was it better or worse than Tamoxifen?


Hope I m not jumping outóf the frying pan into the fire… am well fed up of my side effects as it is :frowning:

Hi Janice,
I must admit, I didn’t make the switch as I’ve been fine on tamox & stayed on tamoxifen, both the onc & surgeon were happy with this.
I had a stage 1 bc diagnosis & no chemo needed.
Obviously, there maybe other considerations for you, so maybe see how you get on & review it if needed later.
Others here have been ok on the AIs, as ever, those having issues will report it here.
ann x