From waiting to diagnosed.

So results today confirmed what radiographer initially thought - cancer in left breast. Invasive ductal type. Oestrogen positive. Surgeon and nurse were so lovely. Here we go then…

It is a shock at first but I felt better once I knew that I was dealing with x good luck and hugs x



And we are right beside you mate, you wil get through this, take one step at a time.  Have you had your treatment plan yet?


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx

Hi Helena.
Yes - lumpectomy and lymph biopsy on 25th August or 6th September (will find out tmrw - depends on surgeons list) plus radiotherapy and then tamoxifen or equivalent (I’m pre menopausal) - I’ve got another appt with nurse on weds once this has sunk in. Am weirdly feeling ok at the moment!

…and its ok to feel ok Nb!
Loads of us have had a similar diagnosis & treatment plan & are now back to life as normal. Thank goodness its been picked up & will now be dealt with.
ann x

Thanks Ann - I’m fully expecting a roller coaster from now on in - so making the most of a period of calm.
Mandy xxx

New brunette.
Although Im sad to hear this you aren’t alone. We have similar type but I need to gave chemo…and I’m wetting my pants…but as you say, here we go then. I recovered from my lumpectomy 2 weeks ago very well but then to be told still pre cancerous cells in tissue in margin so need another op after chemo, then radio and then tablets! Phew! Still getting my head round it.x

New brunette


i have same as you. Was diagnosed on Wednesday. I have to say the waiting between the mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy and getting the results was terrible. Once I found out, although a shock and had a good cry, I then felt in control and that made me feel better (I’m a bit of a control freak!). I was then able to take steps to get things moving. I am very fortunate with my job in that I have private healthcare and that is going to speed things up a bit - although I have to say the NHS dates were quick too - and I spent most of yesterday getting the ball rolling and my op is 5 Sept. If it hadn’t been for my holiday (go tomorrow) I could have had the op within 2 weeks. 


So so at the moment I am calm, feel in control and ready to face this head on. I am in no doubt I will have my moments and be a quivering wreck but I feel very fortunate to have a lot of support from family, friends and work colleagues and now I’ve found this forum, I’m realising I will get a lot of support here too from ‘virtual’ friends.

I too was diagnosed this week the mammogram and ultrasound confirmed it. I am going in this morning for biopsies and I will get my results and treatment plan on the 22nd.
My wait for the first breast clinic appointment was going to be five weeks so I self funded a private appointment which was on Tuesday there. To spare me the expense of two biopsies privately I have been offered them on the nhs which is why all my tests weren’t done on the same day.
So today it’s a biopsy on my breast and the suspicious looking lymph node.
I had a cry initially on Tuesday but after that I have felt pretty much ok.
Take care x

I get what you mean - suddenly life takes on a whole new language and new time frames. I went for a run before my appt yesterday and felt great. I thought how can I have cancer if I can run and feel so well? Thinking of you going through this with me. Enjoy your holiday CK. I’m going to a festival next weekend - it does seem to help women here - getting on with the normal, enjoyable things in life alongside the appointments and treatment.


Evening Newbrunette, evening ladies


Sorry to gatecrash this thread but I’d been thinking about Newbrunette this week after we spoke briefly on another thread and was hoping against hope that the results wouldn’t be what they’ve turned out to be. Just wanted to wish all of you on here all the very best. I may or may not be joining you - my biopsy results appointment was meant to be on Thursday but has been postponed. It’ll be 15 days when I finally get them. To be honest this extended wait isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was so psyched up before my cancelled appointment but now I’ve think I’ve gone past worrying. It’ll be what it’ll be and like the rest of you, I’ll just face it and crack on…


CherryBakewell x 



Awwww bless you CherryB - it’s not gatecrashing! Gutted for you that you have to wait - but glad you’re coping with that! It’s been a weird day day - I went out for the day with my daughter (she’s 17) We had a lovely day - even found ourselves joking about it all. Found myself thinking a lot about you all on here and walking past other women in the street and wondering if their lives had been touched by bc in anyway. I’ve had so many messages of support - none of them pitying - just good friendship and lots of humour.
I wish I (and you all) weren’t dealing with this - but you know I’m really glad I’m a woman with these sorts of networks.
I’m off to bed with my book. Hope everyone sleeps better xxxx
Mandy x

I am reading a brilliant series of books by Dyranda Jones book one is called first grave on the left but don’t think there about death because there not they are supernatural ish and I am not spoiling anything by saying the lead character is a female kick @ss Grim Reaper (you find this out in the first few pages) they have a little bit of erotica and I want to meet the male lead character in realmluff lol xx

Real life was the last words ha ha x