Front-fastening mastectomy bra

Evening everyone!


I am just after some advice and guidance. My lovely mum was recently diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram, and is scheduled to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction at the end of the month. She is after some reasonably-priced front-closing bras for after the procedure, however isn’t having much luck finding one. If anyone has any reccommendations we would be very grateful indeed :heart:

Hi EggyBread91,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this news. You haven’t had a reply from the community yet so I thought I’d let you know that people often mention how good the Asda post-surgery bras are.

Here’s a link to some that come up on Google but have a look around their site, I’m sure they’ll have more designs and fits.,default,pd.html 

I hope this helps, take care, Becca at Breast Cancer Care.