Frustrating wait

Newly diagnosed 4th Jan with a plan for chemo first,mastectomy then radiotherapy however have needed repeat bx of lymph glands and  a CT scan.Am oestrogen and progesterone positive but still waiting for Hr2 results.Have another appointment with breast surgeon Thursday but just want to get on with treatment.Why can’t Thursday’s appt 22nd with oncologist if treatment plan is for chemo first.Why can lnot start hormonal treatment yet ? ( I am pre menopausal and 48).I know I can ask my breast care nurse these questions but wanted to introduce myself to this forum as it looks so helpful and supportive.


Hello Macneech What a topsy turvy way and so frustrating for you. An awful start to the New Year. I can only say to you it never goes the way we expect it should but that’s because they want to get it all correct.


it’s really take one stage at a time and don’t look too far ahead as your timeframes will be different to what will actually happen. It’s one of the most stressful, sleepless times ever when you are not in control and everyone on here will tell you the same. Very soon you will get someone on here who is a bit ahead of you in a similar situation and will be able to give some support.


Now that you have your diagnosis and after this weeks other things to be done (that we all go through ) it won’t be too long until you get a proper plan that you can work towards, that’s when you start to get your brain around what is happening and it settles you a bit. 

Look after yourself and keep in touch with the forum as this is where you will find the ladies who are able to totally understand how you are feeling.

Lots of love