Full mastectomy - knitted softies

On the day I completed my radiotherapy, 9 months after a full mastectomy, I was told about Knitted Knockers. I sent off for one immediately and was quite tearful when my little package came, beautifully presented, “a gift from one woman to another.” As the information officer in radiotherapy said, it IS softer and more malleable than the standard hospital softie (I don’t yet have my prosthesis so I can’t

compare) but it’s far more comfortable in a normal bra. So, if you haven’t heard of the charity which offers these free of charge, it’s www.knittedknockersuk.com. This isn’t an ad - it’s genuine appreciation for their generosity. I just wish I’d been told about this much sooner in the process but, for complicated reasons, I had different agencies supporting me at different times and never got a complete care package as such. Warning: avoid googling knitted knockers - you get some interesting results with knitted crossed through!

Hi there

i heard about knitted knockers a couple of years ago as it was featured on the BBC regional news, and when a dear friend was diagnosed with BC and didn’t have reconstruction I mentioned it to her.  She also received a lovely little package and was very thrilled with the result.  I couldn’t believe it when I was myself diagnosed a year later with the same thing, but as I’ve had reconstruction I havnt  needed them. I just want to say I think it’s a fabulous idea and think the ladies making them are wonderful xx

Jaybro… I cried too when my knocker arrived! It looked so lonely in the little netted bag!! ?

But, you’re right…they’re fabulous! 

You can also request an Aqua Knocker for swimming…the stuffing is a shower scrunchie!! 


That made me laugh about googling for Knitted Knockers! Hahaa… ???


Thank you for posting this jaybro.  I have ordered one for myself:-)

All the best to you


Hello Jaybro and all, 

Pleased to see your Post about Knitted Knockers.  I have just mentioned them in a recent Post after I had a less than satisfying experience at the Prosthetics Clinic.  I am awaiting an everyday one and a Aqua one.  If any of you are or know any Knocker Knitters then say a big thank you from me. I have not got mine yet so I don’t know what it will be like. Irrespective of this,  I am touched that people do this voluntarily to help others. 


Jaybro - radiotherapy 9 months after surgery.  It sounds like your treatment was a longer than usual affair as well.  My radio was not as long after but waiting for surgery was the absolute pits.  


Chick ? x