Fullness in stomach post chemo

Anyone experienced severe bloating in stomach and abdomen,had treatment for breast cancer( EC then Docetaxol) last chemo 4 weeks ago, lots of very uncomfortable gurgling feeling, can’t seem to pass wind that easily, still no appetite because of the fullness in my stomach/ abdomen

Hi Jlt,

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Hi Jill, my on prescribed movicol or laxido throughout my treatment to keep things moving. Guess it must be quite common.

Hi Jlt

I know your question was asked a few months ago but I too feel bloated and achy in the stomach. I had my last Docetaxel 4 weeks ago and the aches and fullness in my stomach seem to be getting worse and not better. I’ve got an oncologist appointment next week so will ask her then but I was just wondering if your symptoms improved and what you did?